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Hackspace Owned Equipment

  • 2 Channel Oscilloscope
  • Soldering Iron
  • Thurlby 0-30V 2A Bench PSU
  • Arduino controlled robot
  • Laser Cutter
  • Hot Melt Glue Guns (x2)
  • Red/Blue/Yellow Ratchet Terminal Crimp Tool
  • Several sets of Jewellers screwdrivers
  • Tape Measures
  • Small Fridge (currently in "Hackspace offsite storage")
  • Toaster (currently in "Hackspace offsite storage")
  • 10 Ikea Gunde folding chairs(currently in "Hackspace offsite storage")
  • 3 x Thurlby dual output 2A bench PSUs, 0-30V (maybe 32V?)
  • 1 x dual output 35V 2A bench PSU, TTi PSS3502A

Personally Owned Equipment members are willing to allow other members to have access to

  • 'Up Plus 2' 3d printer (Mark M)
  • Wood turning lathe (Mark M)
  • Mains powered wood router (Mark M)
  • Mains powered jigsaw (Mark M)(Mike)
  • Mains powered Detail Sander (Triangle head) (Mike)
  • Mains powered Sander (Mike)
  • Electric plane (Mark M)(Mike)
  • Dremel (Mark M)
  • Orbital sander (Mark M)
  • Angle grinder (Mark M)(Mike)
  • Sliding compound mitre saw (Rich)
  • Heat gun (Rich)(Mike)
  • Pillar drill (Rich)
  • 650W 2 stroke mains generator (Mike)
  • Selection of Torque Wrenches 1/2"drive (10Nm up) (Mike)

Equipment members have access to

  • Larger bed Laser cutter (Mark M, via Cambridge Makespace)
  • CNC router (Mark M, via Cambridge Makespace)
  • CNC router (Paul B, via his shed!)
  • 3D Printer (Paul B, via his shed!)