AM03128 LED Dot Matrix Display

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LED DOT Matrix Display Settings

The Hackspace has an AM03128 LED Dot matrix display which is located in one of our larger street facing windows.

It is X by Y pixels.

It is programmed using its own App called New Sign which is installed in the main hackspace PC.

There are a number of seasonal and regular messages we display on the panel. Mostly containing contact information the date and time and, at certain times of year, a message.

The following are some guides on how to configure the sign and the message content.

Connecting the sign

Uncoil the USB lead from the sign and plug it in to a spare port on the Hackspace PC.

How to Identify USB Port in use as a COM port for the Sign application

You can use a Powershell script based on this guide to identify which COM port the sign has been registered as.

Open a Powershell window and Run this command:

# Get-PnpDevice -PresentOnly | Where-Object { $_.InstanceId -match '^USB' } | Where-Object { $_.Class -match '^Ports' }


PS C:\Users\Hackmin> Get-PnpDevice -PresentOnly | Where-Object { $_.InstanceId -match '^USB' } | Where-Object { $_.Class -match '^Ports' }

Status     Class           FriendlyName                                                                     InstanceId
------     -----           ------------                                                                     ----------
OK         Ports           Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3)                                    USB\VID_10C4...
  • Run New Sign app
  • Menu bar -> File -> Set COM ...
  • Select the COM Port that matches the one identified via Powershell and click OK

Setting time to deal with GMT / BST

Every March and October the clock needs resetting for BST/GMT The time and date have been removed from the display as they were persistently incorrect

  • Run New Sign app
  • Menu bar -> Functions -> Set Clock ....
  • In the pop up window click OK as long as the displayed time is correct.
  • Time is retrieved from the OS and uploaded to the sign.

Seasonal Message Content

The preconfigured content for the sign is stored in the folder: C:\2_Documentation\LED_Dot_Matrix_Display_AM03128\Content

Christmas Message Entries:

Christmas Message
Page Text Content
A Merry Christmas Merry Christmas.nsn
B and a and a.nsn
C Happy New Year Happy New Year.nsn
D from from.nsn
E Hitchin Hackspace ! Hitchin Hackspace.nsn
F email.nsn
G web.nsn
H Twitter @hackhitchin Twitter.nsn
I FB @HitchinHackspace Facebook.nsn
J Drop in open evening Monday 7:30-10:00pm Drop in.nsn

New Year

New Year Message
Page Text Content
A Happy New Year Happy New Year.nsn
B from from.nsn
C Hitchin Hackspace ! Hitchin Hackspace.nsn
D email.nsn
E web.nsn
F Twitter @hackhitchin Twitter.nsn
G FB @HitchinHackspace Facebook.nsn
H Drop in open evening Monday 7:30-10:00pm Drop in.nsn


Standard Message
Page Text Content
A Hitchin Hackspace ! Hitchin Hackspace.nsn
B email.nsn
C web.nsn
D Twitter @hackhitchin Twitter.nsn
E FB @HitchinHackspace Facebook.nsn
F Drop in open evening Monday 7:30-10:00pm Drop in.nsn