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Access Control and Monitoring System Information

Access Control


Spec needs defining.



Hitchin Hackspace Access Control System Block Diagram


Front panel of the control box, with a button and an override key
Inside of front panel, showing wiring
Inside of control panel, with RFID reader at bottom, ESP-RFID control board bottom right, 433MHz interface for lock bottom far right, Arduino door/lock control board top right
Back face of RFID the reader
Close up of ESP RFID access control board
Close up of Arduino door/lock control board
Close up of DESI 433MHz lock interface Module

Door Sensors

Door Closed Sensor

  • The door closed sensor is a reed switch activated by a magnet.
  • It's connected to a four core cable, with red and yellow wires used for the contacts.

Bolt Lock Sensor

RFID Reader Module

The RFID Reader connections are:

RFID Connections
Function Wire Colour
VCC Supply +12V Red
GND Black
D0 Green
D1 White
Beep Yellow
LED Blue
GND / WG34 Purple

Access Control Database Server System