Axminster White WD16B Pillar Drill

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This tool cannot be operated without completing a training course.
Do not wear loose clothing while operating this machine Switch off and remove plug from socket when not in use Eye protection must be worn Wear safety footwear Rotating machinery Beware of moving parts Sharp elements
WARNING: Risk of cut injuries, entanglement with rotating parts!

Equipment Image

Axminster WD168 Pillar Drill


Commissioning notes:

  • All slide-ways and oiling points oiled with ISO68 Slideway lubricant.
  • Belt tightening mechanism serviced as it had corroded / rusted and didnt work.
  • Suspect main quill thrust bearings are shot and need replacing.

Trained Users

Technical Specs

240V 550W
Speed Range
12 Speed 120 - 2580 RPM
Column Diameter
Max Chuck to Table
Max Chuck to Base
Head Turn, Table Turn, Table Swivel
360 degrees
Table Tilt
45 deg - 0 deg - 45 deg
Table Size
Diameter 310mm
Chuck Capacity / Type
3 - 16mm / Keyless
Chuck Travel
Less than or equal to 40W (or equivalent) Edison Screw (ES2)
Base Size
450mm x 270mm
Overall Dimensions
710mm x 350mm x 1015mm
Quill Morse Taper

Setting the Drill Speed

The speed at which the drill chuck rotates needs to be set correctly for the size and type of drill or cutting tool being used with the drill and for the material being drilled.

This is very important. Every time the drill is used the set speed should should be checked to confirm that it is appropriate for the drill you will use and the material you are going to be working on.

If the speed is incorrectly set it can lead to the drill being damaged or failing catastrophically, damage to the workpiece by over heating, failure to drill a hole at all, poor quality finish on the hole and other issues.

The speed of the chuck on the pillar drill is set by adjusting the positions of two drive belts on the top of the drill. These are accessed by removing the top cover which is retained by a wing headed screw. Before removing the cove the power must be turned off and the plug removed from the wall socket. Never work on the drill with the power lead connect to the socket.

Drive belt Settings table

Axminster WD16B Drill Pulley Speed Table

Note: In the table above the text "RPM 50~" before the drill speed, in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), at the top of each numbered square indicates drill speed will be as shown when the electricity supply is 50Hz.

Drill Speed Settings

Troubleshooting Drill Issues

Useful Drill Information


Drill Accessories


Axminster White WD16B Pillar Drill Replacement Drive Belt
Location Spec / Description Alternative Designation No Reqd V Profile Width Depth Outside Measured Length Spec Belt Length
Motor-Idler O-625 1106 Z-625 / Z24.5 1 10/Z 10mm 6mm 660mm 625mm
Idler-Spindle O-610 1012 Z-610 / M-24 / Z22.5 1 10/Z 10mm 6mm 610mm 572mm