Bancroft Conversion Project

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Theses pages are to collate and curate the pages we created to find, acquire and plan the conversion of the Bancroft Public Convenience into Hitchin Hackspace.

Inital Planning

Defining Requirements

  • Requirements / Wish list A list of what was thought necessary for the ideal hackspace from building requirements to fixtures and fittings.

Potential Sites

  • Potential sites Locations we were looking at for a permanent home for the Hackspace.

Space Planning

  • Space planning A page with links to sub pages of early planning and requirements pages. Many now linked from this page.

Proposal to take on Bancroft

Setting up a Company to take on the Lease

The Council wouldn't lease the Toilet block to a bunch of Geeks who met once a week in a park pavilion so we had to form a company so we had form a company.

  • Some thoughts First there were some thoughts on Rate, Fund Raising and forming a company.


  • Limited company Trying to decide which kind of company best suited the requirements of a Hackspace.


Insurance is required in order to take on the lease.

Bancroft Acquired

Bancroft Photos

Detailed Measurements for Planning the Refit

Initial Planning for the Refit

Deciding on a layout for the space

Bancroft Job To-Do List

On-going Project works

Dust and Fume Extraction Projects

Access Control

Fund Raising