Bancroft Conversion Project

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The original Bancroft Conversion Project page content has been moved to the Bancroft Refit Archive

This page is for information about the conversion of the Bancroft Public Convenience into Hitchin Hackspace.


Bancroft Photos

Historical pictures from before the refit

The Hackspace as it now is

Building Layout

Detailed Measurements of Hackspace building

A list of useful dimensions for reference:

  • Front Door (dimensions)
  • Fire Exit (dimensions)
  • Office/Workshop Door (dimensions)
  • Toilet door (dimensions)
  • Loft hatch opening (dimensions)
  • Office floor plan (dimensioned drawing)
  • Workshop floor plan (dimensioned drawing)
  • Loft floorplan (dimensioned drawing)

Hackspace layout Plans and Models

Bancroft Building Layout PDF

On-going Project works

Outstanding Jobs

Outstanding Hackspace Build Jobs, The Current Active To-Do List

Dust and Fume Extraction Projects

Access Control

Earlier Access Control System Docs

Useful Bancroft Information

  • Bancroft Drainage
  • Plumbing Diagrams
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Electrical subsystems pages ( EPO contactor system)