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Layout M

Current status

The building has reopened after the Batpox outbreaks and is in regular use.

The main issues to resolve are:

  • Storage space. Need shelves, shelves and more shelves
  • Dust extraction
  • Access control

To be decided

  • Where are things going in the workshop?

Task status

Not ready to start
Can be started
In progress


At the bare minimum, we need to do something about...

Task Status Description Dependencies Required materials
Fire risk assessment Brian started this a while back, need to finish it A fire risk assessment needs to be carried out. Anyone can do it; the Government has a template on the web
Fire extinguishers Fire extinguishers have been specced and installed by an Actual Professional Make things be not burning Risk assessment Unassessed
Fire action Complete Fire action signs, fire exit signs, ensure there's a clear path to both exits Signage
First aid kit Large first aid kit and eyewash station obtained One for each side, or just one in the middle? Kitchen? Extra kit to cope with potential workshop injuries (eyewash?)
Accident book Accident book obtained We should have an accident book (Brian should probably have one just for him) and policy on what to do about it.

Office side

Task Status Description Dependencies Required materials
Joint walls Completed Already in Bancroft
Sand walls/ceiling Completed Lightly sand the walls/ceiling with a fine grit paper. The aim is to just smooth the joint cement where it meets the plasterboard, and knock off any lumps. Toilet and office have been done, with the exception of the cupboard area Sander and sanding disks in Bancroft
Seal walls/ceiling Completed Paint over walls with plasterboard sealer/primer. Toilet and kitchen area done Sanded walls Already in Bancroft
Paint walls/ceiling Completed Paint walls and ceiling. Toilet and kitchen area to be painted with hardwearing paint (Dulux Diamond Matt). Everywhere else in bare-plaster white matte trade paint (ie, no sealing required on the other walls) Brushes, rollers, white matt trade paint
Fit lights Completed Cut holes where necessary for lights (some are already cut from having been fitted before) and clip lights into place Ceiling painted Already in Bancroft
Corner angles Completed Fit protective aluminium corner angles to external corners on walls and around doorways Walls painted Angle pieces and contact adhesive (Evostik "Sticks like...") in Bancroft. Need some way to cut aluminium
Window sills Completed Fit sills to windows Walls painted Window sills, GripFill
Seal around windows Completed Remove protective film from windowframes and run sealant around the join between the windows and the walls Walls painted, sills fitted Suitable sealant (Wickes frame sealant) in Bancroft
Fit door stops Completed Fit stops to frames of toilet and office/workshop door Required wood, etc, in Bancroft
Paint doorframes Completed Paint doorframes Brushes, undercoat and gloss paint in Bancroft. Need some sort of flooring protection
Trim central doors Completed Trim a few mm of the bottom of the centre doors, so they don't stick on the carpet Electric plane (or manual plane if you're a masochist in need of some exercise)
Paint doors Completed Paint the doors Brushes, undercoat and gloss paint in Bancroft.
Fit toilet floor Completed Fit (or have fitted) a floor to the toilet
Fit toilet Completed Fit the toilet Toilet floor Need waste plumbing connectors and screws to hold it down
Fit toilet sink and grab handles Completed Fit the sink and the various grab handles which the disabled loo needs Toilet walls/ceiling painted Dot-and-dab wall plugs (in Bancroft)
Plumb in toilet and sink Completed Plumb in sink (hot and cold) and toilet (cold), leaving tees to allow connections to workshop sink Sink/toilet fitted, kitchen plumbing done, holes drilled for pipes to workshop TMV in Bancroft
Fit toilet accessories Completed Fit bits and pieces to make the toilet useful: Toilet paper holder, soap dispener(?), paper towel holder(?), mirror, shelf for spare rolls, etc Toilet walls/ceiling painted Need to buy all these things
Fit toilet door Completed Fit the door, grab handle for the door, locking hardware Stops fitted, office floor fitted Door, hinges, disabled toilet locks. Grab handle came as part of toilet pack
Fit toilet switches, emergency light Completed Fit the lighting pull switch, emergency pull switch and reset button. Fit the emergency light (currently in the loft) Toilet walls/ceiling painted Everything already in Bancroft
Fit toilet fan Completed Fit the fan, connect to toilet light with an off-delay, duct the air to the outside world somehow Toilet walls/ceiling painted Fan, ducting, some way to get out through the back wall
Fit disabled alarm Completed Fit the alarm outside the toilet. Note that there is a spare cable for future expansion (a second alarm) Office wall painted Already in Bancroft
Privacy film Completed Fit privacy film in toilet and cupboard windows Walls/ceiling painted Privacy film, window cleaner, squeegee
Box in meter/fusebox Completed Hide the fusebox away in some nice boxing-in. Needs to be able support worktop and allow access to fusebox Kitchen painted Some 34mm^2 wood in space can be used for frame. Need to buy material to cover box, possibly hinges to allow access to fusebox/meter
Block unused drains Completed Seal up unused drains below the floor Expanding foam and/or cement
Office floor Completed Some sort of floor, to be decided. Office walls/ceiling painted, unused drains sealed Suitable flooring
Skirting board Mostly done. Some needs sticking down Skirting boards around office floor Office walls/ceiling painted. Floor done? Skirting board (wood/acrylic?)
Aircon cage Completed Build a cage to house the exterior A/C unit Being built using old toilet gates (recyling FTW)
Fit external aircon Completed External A/C unit, power switch and cage fitted. Cage External A/C unit, pipes, external cut-off switch in Bancroft. Need exterior-grade mains cable?
Fit office aircon Completed: A/C unit mounted. Engineer commissioned the system Fit internal A/C unit External A/C unit F-Gas engineer
Build kitchen units Completed Assemble the kitchen units (500mm, 925mm corner, 600mm cupboard) Everything already in Bancroft
Fit cupboard unit in kitchen Completed Cupboard->wall Kitchen walls/ceiling painted, unit built Everything (cupboard, dot&dab drywall plugs) already in Bancroft
Fit units Completed Units in place. Fit end board and plinth Kitchen walls/ceiling painted, units built Everything already in Bancroft
Water heater Completed: Mounted to wall. Plumbing and wiring done; it makes hot water. Heater bought and fitted, needs plumbing in Units built and fitted. Probably easier done before worktop goes on, but not essential Pretty much everything needed has been bought
Fit worktop and sink Completed Worktop on units, sink in worktop Units built Jigsaw, steady hand. Worktop & sink already in Bancroft.
Plumb in sink Completed Connect the sink up the hot and cold water, drain Worktop & sink fitted, water heater fitted May need some 15mm pipe connectors. Will need some drain pipe/connectors
Kitchen splashback Completed Fit splashback above sink area Worktop/sink fitted Need some sort of splashback
Fit trunking Complete Fit trunking to kitchen and office walls Office walls/ceiling painted Trunking already in Bancroft. May need extra ends/corners.
Fill walls in cupboard area Completed Fill in any holes with suitable filler
Paint cupboard walls/ceiling Completed Paint walls and ceiling in cupboard area Brush, roller, white matt trade paint
Cover soil pipes in cupboard Completed Cover the holes in the cupboard walls where the soil pipes enter the floor, in such a way that we can get to them if necessary. Something like an acrylic sheet screwed over the gap Cupboard walls painted Sheet, screws, wallplugs, countersink washers
Cap off plasterboard edge in cupboard Completed Where the plasterboard stops in the cupboard area, use a strip of 12-15mm corner angle to protect the edge Cupboard walls painted Aluminium angle, contact adhesive
Run pipes for dirty workshop sink Completed Drill holes through walls to allow hot and cold pipes to pass through from the toilet to the dirty workshop, running along the back wall of the building Drills, pipe, pipe clips, etc, already in Bancroft
Fit wiring and sockets Completed. 30 double sockets in 5 RCBO-protected circuits Wire up the trunking, fit a switch to turn off several sockets at once for laser cutter Toilet walls/ceiling painted Need cable, trunking back-boxes, sockets, switch for laser cutter
Fit external socket Completed A waterproof 13A socket (or two) one the external back wall, so we can power things outside if the need arises. Switched from inside, so people don't steal our 'leccy Trunking in place External socket, trunking-mounted internal switch
Fit external tap Completed. Internal tap is a SureStop switch An outside tap on the back wall, plus an internal tap to stop miscreants playing with the external tap Toilet plumbing External tap, internal tap, some pipe
Laser cutter extraction Completed Some sort of extraction to be fitted somehow Walls/ceiling painted, trunking in place Will need materials for this
Loft hatch Completed Fit a loft hatch Will need materials for this

Workshop side

Task Status Description Dependencies Required materials
Step protector Completed Fit a metal cover to the office/workshop step to stop it getting chipped 52mm checkerplate corner angle in Bancroft
Take down old lights Completed
Fit suspended ceiling Completed: Ceiling fitted by professionals, lighting added by amateurs Need a quote for at least the parts, if not also the labour
Make good walls Completed Clean, remove ivy residue, mould and flaky paint. Fill in areas where walls were removed
Build up dirty workshop wall Completed Build (stud partition) wall above existing disabled toilet wall to reach ceiling Insulation (some rockwool in loft), stud wood, plasterboard.
Clean and fill dirty workshop walls and ceiling Completed Filler, etc in Bancroft
Paint dirty workshop walls Completed Walls and ceiling prepped Paint, etc in Bancroft
Electrics, trunking, lights, dirty sink, etc etc Completed
Fill gaps in floor Completed Sand, cement in Bancroft. May need painting/sealing afterwards.

General building

Task Status Description Dependencies Required materials
Repoint external walls Mostly done Mortar (and some brick) has suffered from frost where the hoarding was on the front wall. A few bricks probaby need replacing, sections of wall need repointing
External wheelchair ramps Build up small ramp to doors from pavement level using cold lay tarmac Cold lay tarmac and bitumen spray in Bancroft
External lighting Fitted above the main door Some external lights over the doors (?) External lighting, switching mechanism
Access control We have an electronic lock to fit and make work Some sort of not-a-key way of getting into the building, and locking it up again TBD
Plantlife Kill off the things growing on/by the building Mosskiller (roof), weedkiller (walls), secateurs and saws