Bancroft to do list

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Layout M

Current works

  • Fill the Hipposkip bag with as much rubble and rubbish as possible - Done, bag collection requested
  • Cut back plants which are growing up/near the walls - Partially done, more could be removed, and a clear out of vegetation (and litter) wouldn't go amiss.


Task Status Description Dependencies Cost
Landlord permission Complete Obtain permission from NHDC as landlord to modify building n/a
Building control Check whether building control is needed for changes to building n/a
Total £0

Preparation for demolition/construction of walls

Task Status Description Dependencies Est.Cost Act.Cost
Remove second urinal Done Take the second urinal out and scrap it n/a n/a
Take water heater down Done The water heater is on a wall which will be partially demolished, and will need to be moved elsewhere
Scrap copper Done We should be able to get few quid for the copper pipe and wire £-50 ? £-212
Sell toilets Done Toilets and hand-dryer sold for about 12 quid £-12 £-12
Scrap steel Done Can we find someone to take this away for free? £0 -
Obtain skip Done The only way we can get rid of all the rubble we'll generate is at least one very large skip, if not more £330 including skip permit (8 yard skip from Stevenage Skip Hire) 2 x £253 (8 yard skip from G.Moore Skip Hire)
Total £268 £282

Demolition and construction work

Task Status Description Dependencies Cost
Remove tank platform Remove tank shed and tank platform. Could leave the bits supported by the wall behind the disabled loos £0 (other than skippage)
Demolish central wall and make doorway Demolish walls as plan Building control/structural engineer £0 if we can do it all ourselves
Demolish janitor room walls Demolish walls as plan £0 if we can do it all ourselves
Fit lintel above workshop doorway Will need a proper builder? Tank platform Estimate £200
Door and frame for workshop doorway Doorway cut and lintel fitted Estimate £300
Block and cap unused drains Fill unused drains with concrete, level to floor Walls removed Estimate £100
Level and seal manhole covers Fix the manhole cover which doesn't sit level, seal all to be airtight Unused drains blocked Estimate £500
Build up cubicle walls to ceiling Stud partition? Wall demolishing complete Estimate £300
Doors and frames for cubicles Full size doors (ie no gaps at bottom) for toilet and dirty cubicle. Toilet door should open outwards for rescue purposes (as per building regs guidance). Suggest the dirty cubicle does the same. Cubicle walls complete Estimate £400
Total £1800 (total finger-in-the-air figure)

Fit out

Task Status Description Dependencies Cost
Level floor Where walls, drains and toilets have been removed, fill in the floor to be level ?
Make ceiling good Fix bulgey ceiling and holes where walls have been. Re-line with plasterboard and paint? Estimate £500
Doors and windows Replace iron gates and rotten window frames ?
Walls Plasterboard/OSB/something else/leave as it with minimal patchup
Basic kitchen Floor/ceiling/walls
Toilet Including emergency alarm Floor/ceiling/walls
Workshop sinks Dirty cubible, plus handwash sink?
Extraction Toilet, cubicle, laser cutter, other?
Power Sockets, conduit, ESTOPs, etc
Plumbing Water heater remounted, hot and cold pipes to all sinks
Total £---

To be decided

What do we do with the bench area? Amazon aren't interested in hosting a locker there.

InPost already have one less than a mile away and require "3m x 1m of space", which we don't have.