Bancroft toilet block to do list

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Organisational tasks

  • How do members join the CLG?
  • Who are the bank account signatories?
  • How does anyone get approval for buying stuff?
  • Are we going to have any rules?
  • Grievance procedure?
  • Board/committee?
  • Agree on company directors Founding directors: Alex, Nicolas & Rich C
  • Form company Hitchin Hackspace Ltd. (CLG) founded 10-May-16
  • Apply for discretionary rates relief

Renovation tasks


  • decide on a layout and submit it to NHDC for approval
  • cut window/door holes in mural boarding
  • remove all vegetation from inside, windows, roof, gutters Done
  • replace/re-glaze broken windows

Gents office

  • remove mop sink Done
  • cap all unused waste pipes and water supplies Done
  • replace fuse box Done
  • fit/move a sink
  • paint ceiling
  • paint walls
  • repair door

Gents main space

  • remove all cubicle walls Done
  • remove urinals, wash basins and hand dryers Done
  • cap all waste pipes and water supplies Done
  • fit electrical sockets (10 double sockets) behind plasterboard
  • fit insulated plasterboard
  • fit secure front door (with RFID access)
  • paint plasterboard
  • paint ceiling
  • fit carpet tiles (+insulate floor?)

Cistern room

  • remove unused cisterns Done
  • salvage heating elements Done
  • cap all waste pipes and water supplies Done
  • cut doorway through central wall Done
  • widen existing through door to be wheelchair friendly Done
  • paint bare brick walls

Ladies office

  • cap all waste pipes and water supplies Done
  • paint ceiling
  • paint walls
  • repair door

Ladies main space

  • remove cubicle walls for non-disabled toilets Done
  • remove wash basins and hand dryers Done
  • cap all waste pipes and water supplies Done
  • fit electrical sockets (10 double sockets) in plastic conduit
  • fit fire escape door
  • replace missing tiles from where walls/sinks were removed
  • increase height of walls around disabled toilet
  • refurbish disabled toilet
  • paint ceiling


  • Hitchin United Charity
    • MM to talk to HUC to explain charity vs CIC vs ltd - they were satisfied
    • Council are explaining restrictions on disturbing neighbours - HUC satisfied
  • Agree on accountant - nobody for now, RC to lead
  • Decide on Articles of Association wording (not for profit, etc) draft agreed and on dropbox in LTD fodler
  • Chase Hitchin united charity re covenant
    • HUC have written to the council, supporting our proposal
  • Services -restrictions? Triangle gardens?
    • Water:Service undertaker is Affinity Water. Telephone number: 0345 357 2407.
    • Drainage:Service undertake is Anglian Water. Telephone number: 03457 91 91 55.
    • Electricity:UK Power Networks. Telephone number: 0845 601 4516. You will need to quote MPAN 1012821654984.
    • should contact Ian Davis, the District Council’s Senior Building Surveyor, for further assistance in relation to the services. Ian can be contacted direct on telephone number: 01462 474340.
  • District Council’s Revenues department on 01462 474671 have provided the discretionary rates relief form. info on NHDC website suggests we would qualify.
  • Landmark trust epc costs - we wouldn't be liable
  • Photographic schedule of condition?
    • Will be created just before signing the lease
    • lease has been amended to clarify it won't need to be returned as a toilet block
  • Solicitors fees for signing the lease?
    • Not required
  • Who has responsibility for the bench? Railings?
    • these are part of 'common use' items. The Council will maintain them but may ask to transfer a fair proportion of the cost to the tenants - advice from Chris Robson to MM on 27/10/15
  • What does 'manage' mean in relation to asbestos in damp proof course? How regular do the inspections need to be? Who pays?
    • Tenants responsibility, no council imposed requirements - advice from Chris Robson to MM on 27/10/15,
  • Insurance rent? How much is it? What does their insurance cover or restrict?
    • The proportion of building insurance the tenant would need to support is £130/yr - advice from Chris Robson to MM on 27/10/15 and 15/02/16
  • Employers liability - we have it
  • 'The Tenant shall not make any opening in any boundary structure of the Property.' What if we want new windows and doors" change to 'except with written permission'?
    • this would be allowed, with permission, likely to be granted - advice from Chris Robson to MM on 27/10/15
  • "The Tenant shall not make any internal, non-structural alteration to the Property without the prior written consent of the Landlord, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld." what's the definition of 'internal, non-structural alteration'?
    • non structural would mean partition walls. They would probably not be an issue - advice from Chris Robson to MM on 27/10/15
  • "If the Landlord gives the Tenant notice the Tenant shall remove items it has fixed to the Property, remove any alterations it has made to the Property and make good any damage caused to the Property by that removal." Surely they don't want us to return it in the state we found it??
    • The council only want it returned in a better state than it started. End state would need to be agreed - advice from Chris Robson to MM on 27/10/15
  • Will CDM regulations apply to our works? - unlikely, the works aren't significant enough
  • Where is the schedule of condition?
    • will be completed just before signing lease

Lease wording changes required

  • return state - done
  • insurance rent actual requirement - not specified in lease but clarified on email
  • clarify 'not make any openings' - done