Bench Belt Sander

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If required we can provide an introduction to the safe use of this tool.

Do not wear loose clothing while operating this machine Do not wear gloves operating this machine
Disconnect before carrying out maintenance or repair Disconnect mains plug from electrical outlet
Switch off and remove plug from socket when not in use Wear ear protectors Eye protection must be worn
Rotating machinery Beware of moving parts

Equipment Image

Placeholder Image - Replace with a photograph of the machine in situ or set up for use

Training requirements Template

See template files at top of page

Safety information / minimum required PPE Graphics

See Graphics for HSE Signage above

Safety information / minimum required PPE Details

  • Wear Safety Glasses, Ear Protection and a Dust mask when operating this machine.
  • Run the workshop dust extraction system while operating this machine and the timer leave running for 2 hours after you have finished.
  • Attach the dust extraction port to either the main dust extraction system or one of the workshop vacuum cleaners using an appropriate adaptor.

Machine name/identifier

  • Manufacturer: Clarke
  • Model Number / Part Number: CS4-6D Belt Disc Sander

Machine Capacity

  • Power rating = 370 Watts
  • Voltage = 240V
  • Current = 13A
  • Dimensions = 447 x 363 x 255 mm
  • Net Weight = 18.65 kg
  • Any relevant statistics =
  • Sanding Disc Diameter = 6” (150 mm)
  • Sanding Belt Size (W x L) = 4” x 36” (914 x 100 mm)
  • Sanding Belt Speed = 450m/min
  • Sanding Table Dimensions (L x W) = 225 x 160 mm
  • Table Angle Range = 0-45 degrees
  • Mitre Guide Angle Range = 0-60 degrees


  • Under the Workbench on the end wall of the workshop

Training Materials

  • Links to videos for training
  • Training documentation

Manuals / Documentation

Provide details of where Manufacturer manuals or electronic documentation can be found.

Online / Digital Documentation

Links to any online documentation or PDFs of manuals

Hardcopy / Paper Documentation Location

Identify where hard copies of manuals are located in the hackspace.


Any useful pictures of the machine

General Operating Procedure

Describe how to:

  • Safety checks before starting.
  • Turn the machine on
  • Operating procedures
  • Turning the machine off.
  • Cleaning after use.
  • State machine should be left / put back in to storage.

Can be broken down in to sub sections

Sub Section 1

Sub Section 2

Sub Section 3

Sub Section 4

Maintenance requirements and schedule

Detail routine maintenance steps and schedules

Every use




6 Monthly


Spares Information

Detail consumables and spare parts. Drive belts, specific lubricants, blades, cutters.

Hackspace Spares

Replacement Belts and Disks are stored on Rack X Shelf A in the RUB Labelled

Spares Sources

Details of any spares suppliers or consumables suppliers e.g. specific blades or cutters for machines (bandsaw blades, circular saw blades) Clarke Tools Spares site link