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Drive Train

  • 2 wheelchair motors (typically fitted to chassis)
  • 2 x drive shafts (typically fitted to motors)
  • 2 x drive keys (typically fitted to drive shafts)
  • 2 x M18 nuts (typically fitted to drive shafts)

Drive Electronics and Battery Hardware

  • Battery tray (aluminium honeycomb, typically stored in chassis)
  • Motor controller (typically fitted to chassis)
  • 24V power cable (typically fitted to motor controller)
  • 'Electronics power' cable (typically cabled tied to 24V power cable)
  • Wooden battery tray

Wheels and Axel Hardware

  • 2 x Idler wheel axles
  • 4 x Shaft collars
  • 4 x Washers
  • 6 x Wheel spacers, 2 long, 4 short
  • 2 x Jeep front idler wheels
  • 2 x Jeep rear idler wheels
  • 2 x Lawn mower drive wheels
  • 2 x Outriggers


  • Rear upper bodywork
    • 8 x 3x10mm wood screws for joining front/rear bodywork
  • Nosecone
    • 4 x M5(?) coach bolts and nuts for attaching nosecone
  • Roundel
    • 2xM5(?) bolts for attaching roundel, only one wing nut (other doesn't fit)
  • Rear grooved foam insert
    • 2 x M8(?) nuts and bolts to attach foam?
  • Seat Base Panel (~70x70cm honeycomb)
  • Seat cushion


  • 9 x 12V, 7A batterys
  • Battery wiring harness (red 2 way 'Deans' connector one end, 8 x female spade crimp connectors the other, ~30cm long)

Electronics Sub System

  • Electronics Board
  • Speaker
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • RC receiver

Motor Control Cables

  • Motor controller cable (round plug one end, 2x16(?) female socket other end, ~2m long)
  • Original wheelchair joystick + cable
  • Ribbon jumper cable (2x16 female socket one end, 2 x 14 female socket other end, ~30cm long)
  • Grommet for protecting wires exiting battery tray
  • RC transmitter

Support Crew Kit


  • BigHak stickers
  • BigHak t-shirts
  • HackHitchin stickers
  • Hack Hitchin banner

Power Supply Support

  • Battery charger/power supply
  • Battery Charging Leads
  • Multimeter to check battery charge/debug faults

Support Tool Kit

  • Allen key to tighten shaft collars (3mm)
  • Hex driver to tighten keyway clamps (1/4" or 7mm)
  • Mole grips/wrench/spanner/socket to tighten wheel nuts (24mm). A socket/ratchet will need an extension bar.
  • Philips/Pozidrive? screwdriver to join bodywork
  • Electrical tape to secure battery wiring

Event Support Equipment

  • Stand to support BigHak on with wheels off the ground
  • Table to support tools/parts
  • Cloth to cover table if used as an info point for the public
  • Gazebo / large tent
  • LED lighting for tent / gazebo
  • Lamps/torches if possibly working in the evening

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