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This tool cannot be operated without completing a training course.
Do not wear loose clothing while operating this machine Switch off and remove plug from socket when not in use Eye protection must be worn Wear safety footwear Rotating machinery Beware of moving parts Sharp elements
WARNING: Risk of serious cut injuries, entanglement with rotating parts!

Equipment Image

Clarke CL500M Combined Lathe and Milling Machine


The lathe is this one Machine Mart Clarke CL500M

The instruction manual: Machine Mart Clarke CL500M Instruction Manual

Locally hosted copy: Machine Mart Clarke CL500M Instruction Manual

Parts Diagram CL430 CL500M Parts List


The Lathe, along with the Mill, are two of the most dangerous machines in a workshop. A moments inattention or failing to work safely on these machines can lead to life changing injuries. As a result we expect members to treat these machines with respect and to understand that, for their and other peoples safety, we require you to take the training to use these machines seriously. In order to be inducted to use the Lathe you will need to complete some steps before we will agree to arranging am induction session on the Lathe.

Induction Requirements

  1. Please read through the Lathe Training Slides PDF (pre-reading) which can be downloaded are here: Metal Lathe Training Presentation PDF
  2. Once you have read the training material you can take a short quiz to demonstrate that you have read and understood the training material. Lathe Training Quiz
  3. When you have successfully passed the quiz you can raise a training request for the Lathe by posting in the #equipment-inductions channel on our Slack. If you haven't read the training materials, and passed the quiz, requests for a Lathe induction will not be accepted.

Trained Users

  • Mike R (grandfathered through external training)
  • Mark M (grandfathered through external training)
  • Brian C (by MM, 5/8/19)
  • Richard C (by MM, 5/8/19)
  • Rob B (by MM, 5/8/19)
  • Ben A (by MM, 12/8/19)
  • Dave B (by MM, 12/8/19)
  • Alister (by MM, 19/8/19)
  • Neil S (by MM, 19/8/19)
  • Paul B (by MM, 26/8/19)
  • Jack D (by MM, 26/8/19)
  • Martin DS (by MM, 26/8/19)
  • Gerry T (by MM, 18/11/19)
  • Ben G (by MM, 18/11/19)
  • Alex PB (by MM, 18/11/19)

Commissioning notes:

  • Excessive safety interventions that prevented the drill/mill feature being used have been removed. We may want to consider a new chuck guard.
  • The belt setup was weird, with a single belt between the motor and the spindle, when there was meant to be a jack shaft and two belts. there were two spare belts, but they didn't seem to fit correctly. possible a pulley needs swapping round, or the motor/tensioning adjusting. reading the manual may help. Edit: Manual read. No idler is a legit setup. It is a very unusual arrangement. We'll need to print out the relevant page of the manual.
  • There was initially a rattle sound that was tracked to the motor pulley being loose. that's been fixed by tightening the grub screw. could do with some loctite.
  • The chuck also appears to rattle. one of the drive key parts seems to be loose. Chuck serviced.
  • The clutch to change drive to the mill head works, but there is a ~4.7mm (3/16"?) key missing from the vertical shaft, so the mill/drill can't be used. Part number HT3000108 Page 16 Part 8 on Parts Diagram
  • The E-stop switch was locked in and we don't have a key. I've fiddled with it so now the e-stop works but doesn't latch. We could do with replacing it. - Has been replaced with non keylocked switch.
  • The power feed works.
  • The jibs on the compound need adjusting. - Adjusted MBR 22/09/21
  • There's also a fair bit of backlash that can probably be improved with some tuning. 2 screws loose. Tightened by MBR 22/09/21
    • One on bearing for the handle on the long bed leadscrew. The bearing was loose. There is a small screw on the underside of the bearing housing at the end of the bed. Tighten this screw.
    • The other is a small screw that holds the cross slide leadscrew nut in place. To tighten this move the cross slidea long way out so you can get a screwdriver in to tighten the screw. The screw is in the middle of the cross slide and acn only be accessed when the slide is at the far end of its travel.
  • The pulley/belt setting to speed table needs printing out. - Done
  • CL500M Headstock Gearbox lubrication: The Gearbox in the headstock needs lubricating. There is a sight glass on the chuck face of the headstock on towards the rear of the machine low down. It hsould be half full of oil. The correct Oil is EP80 or EP90 Gearbox oil. It may not be possible to get single grade oil so EP 80-90 is acceptable.


Lathe Accessories
Face Plate
Four Way Tool Holder
Jacobs Jacobs Tailstock MT2 Chuck
Machining Block (for milling)
Thread cutting gearing; Metric 14 (0.5-3.0mm pitch) & Imperial 20 (11-40 TPI)
Travelling Steady
T nut set Fixed Steady
Three Jaw Chuck (Before it was cleaned up)
Four Jaw Chuck (Before it was cleaned up)

Other accessories are shared with the mill and appear on that page.

Additional Accessories
Posilock End Mill Chuck with 4 metric collets requires Mxx Draw bar. Clarke End Mill Collet Chuck Set 761-0323. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16mm collets (Proprietary collects / chuck not compatible with other makes, designs or brands of collet see below)
Spare slot Spare slot

Technical Specs

Tail Stock Morse Taper
Head Stock Morse Taper

Clarke End Mill Chuck Compatability

The Clarke End Mill Chuck kit, part number 761-0323 comprises an MT3 Chuck with locking collar, a spanner and C spanner and a set of 7 collets in 2mm steps from 4mm to 16mm ID ( 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16mm collets). It needs a 12mm draw bar. I did quite a lot of searching to try and find out if the collets in this set were compatible with any others similar systems, for example the various "ERxx" Series collets, as it would be useful to fill the odd number millimeter gaps in the range. The collets themselves do not have the capacity to cover a 2mm change in diameter. I eventually managed to contact the trade parts department at Clarke HQ and spoke to a gentleman, who I was told "if he doesn't know no-one will"... He said that he'd been asked this before and had tried to find a match but never found one. Other collets were either to big, too small or had different tapers. Essentially these are proprietary collects / chuck which are not compatible with any other makes, designs or brands of collet.

Equivalent Lathes

Equivalent lathes with better manuals and online info 
Shopfox PTSXPRESS M1018
Grizzly G4015Z
Warco WMT300/1

Warco recommended the 100-250 Quick Change Tool Post (QCTP) for their equivalent sized lathe 100-250 Quick Change Tool Post, Recommendation Details

Manufacturer / Supplier contact details

Clarke products are sold through Machine Mart Stores. They have good support and after sales services. Some useful contact details are

Machine Mart Customer Services
For basic support with tools
Non 0870 number = 01158406235
Machine Mart Technical Support
For more detailed technical support with tools
Non 0870 number =
Clarke Parts Support
To buy spare parts / replacement parts for Clarke Machine tools. Only machine tools. Cannot help with accessories to machine tools unless they are part of the base "as purchased" machine tool product.
Non 0870 number = 01159561805
Clarke International HQ
If you get really stuck try calling the people at Clarke HQ. Only use as a last resort. Try the other numbers first. They may be able to help with really tricky enquiries.
Non 0870 number = 01992 565333
Clarke CL500M Replacement Drive Belts
Location Spec / Description Alternative Designation No Reqd V Profile Width Depth Outside Measured Length Spec Belt Length
Motor-Idler-Spindle 0704 Z23 2 10/Z 10mm 6mm 600mm 584mm
Motor-Spindle 0605 Z36 1 10/Z 10mm 6mm 955mm 914mm
Mill Head xxxx Z22 1 10/Z 10mm 6mm ???mm 560mm