CL500M Lathe

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Lathe is still being commissioned.

instruction manual: [1] (local copy: [[2]])


Face Platefour way tool holder

Faceplate                Four Way Tool Holder

Jacobs chuckfour jaw chuck

jacobs chuck                Four Jaw Chuck

three jaw chuckmachining block (for milling)

Three Jaw Chuck                machining block

threading gears, assumed imperial and metricTravelling Steady

gears metric 14 (0.5-3.0mm pitch) & imperial 20 (11-40 TPI) Traveling steady

and T nut set

other accessories are shared with the mill and appear on that page.

equivalent lathes (better manuals and online info)  Shopfox M1018G4015ZWarco WMT300/1

warco recommended the 250-100 QCTP for their equivalent sized lathe [3], [4]