CNC Micro Mill

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This tool cannot be operated without completing a training course.


Commissioning notes:

  • All slide-ways, leadscrews and oiling points oiled with ISO68 Slideway lubricant.

Issues to be resolved:


  • Entire electronics assembly need enclosing
  • Cable management
    • All limit switches and stepper cables are unconstrained and unprotected from snagging,
    • 7i76 breakout board enclosure needs a lid
    • Common-ing block needs mounting

Control Issues

  • A touch off probe needs making
  • A jog wheel / pendant would be handy

Safety Issues

  • Additional Kill Switches
  • Full Safety Enclosure with cut-out interlocks on any doors


Mark Mellors

Trained Users

Technical Specs

Machine Model
Axminster White Micro Mill Model Number 010061 (Circa 2004)
Equivalents (More modern versions)
Axminster Super Micro Mill SX1 Model Number 505098
Axminster Super Micro Mill Sieg X1 Mk 2 Model Number 600881
Mill Spindle Motor
240V 150W
Electronics Power supply
MeanWell SP-500-27, 500w, set at 24V
Speed Range
Electronic Motor Speed Control
Low Ratio Gearbox Speed Range 100 - 1000 RPM
High Ratio Gearbox Speed Range 100 - 2000 RPM
Spindle Motor Direction controlled by Forward/Off/Reverse Manual Switch
Column Dimensions
Nose of Spindle to Bed (max)
Nose of Chuck to Bed
min: 5mm, max: 175mm
Manual Quill Travel
Spindle Morse Taper
Draw Bar Thread
Tool Capacity
Max Drill Capacity (Max Drill diameter)
Max End Mill Capacity (Max End Mill diameter)
Max Face Mill Capacity (Max Face Mill diameter)
Head Tilt
45 - 0 - 45 degrees either side of vertical for whole head column
Bed Size
X 240mm x Y 145mm
Bed Slots
3 x 8mm T-Slots
X Axis Travel
Y Axis Travel
Z Axis Travel
170mmm (Software limits), 255mm (mechanical limit)
Overall machine envelope
L 490mm x W 430mm x H 700mm
Weight (base machine without stepper motors)
Stepper drivers
TB6600† * 4 (4 axis capable setup)
†assumed, matches outwards appearance but part number not visible
Stepper motors
AC570764525M (NEMA 23 size) on X, Y & Z. no fourth axis stepper fitted
Interface card
MESA 7I76 (on mill backboard) connected to a MESA 5I25 (uppercase i in both board numbers)
2022-01-13 13.19.15.jpg
There's a probe input wired in to a 3.5mm headphone jack on the head of the mill.
The spindle speed/on/off is not CNC controlled
Manual control panel
Electronic Motor Speed Control
Low Ratio Gearbox Speed Range 100 - 1000 RPM
High Ratio Gearbox Speed Range 100 - 2000 RPM
Spindle Motor Direction controlled by Forward/Off/Reverse Manual Switch
2022-01-13 13.24.36.jpg

The spindle speed needs to be ramped up from zero speed. If the direction is enabled with a non-zero speed, the "UNNORMAL" indicator will light and the spindle won't start.

The motor control has a fault LED marked "UNNORMAL" if this lights stop the machine immediately remove all power and seek assistance!


Linux CNC

2022-01-13 14.01.14.jpg

LinuxCNC Homepage
Software package download
Documentation (latest version, not necessarily applicable to the 2.7.9 version installed on the PC)
HTML Online Documentation
PDF Documentation

Tool Workflow:

Initial placeholder simplified and skeleton outline workflow

  1. Model part in Mechanical CAD package
  2. Export model as a xxxx format file
  3. Load model file in to CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) postprocessing tool.
  4. Process solid model into a tool path appropriate for capacity of the micro mill
  5. Export tool path
  6. Import tool path into Linux CNC machine connected to Mill
  7. Check job
  8. Safely mount workpiece on bed and check orientation and parallelism / datums
  9. Install first tool
  10. Run Job
  11. Change tools as required until job is completed.

Examples of what the mill can make

Engraved sign (plywood, v bit) Engraved sign (plywood, v bit)


Mill Accessories
Posilock chuck Set of 8 metric and imperial posilock collets: 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8"
4 flute coated end mills, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm, all 6mm shank Clamp set
C spanners Rotary Table
Small toolmakers clamp Small machinist's vice
Spare/alternative 5125 MESA card 2022-01-12 22.15.08.jpg