Christmas Light Display

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Idea Outline

We have a lot of high up windows around the hackspace. We would like to have some kind of colour changing illuminated display to put up for Christmas to light the windows up.

Arduino / Pi driven RGB LED Strings simply changing colour. Possibly interactive
XKCD Colour names as with Lapin Lumiere
Luis F's RGB LED Display Panels. Can we figure out how to drive them and do something fun with them?
RGB LEDs but more than just strings of LEDs

Thoughts and Plans

LedPanelEsp32 was the basis for the driver board for the new Hitchin Hackspace Christmas window display

Electronics Assembly

Panel Assembly

Panel Mounting Frame

Installation and Assembly

Creating Content

Creating animations for LED panels using powerpoint

The Animated Gifs

Merry Christmas From Hitchin Hackspace
Christmas Baubles
Brian's Santa Sleigh
Marks First Snow Animation
Merry Christmas From Hitchin Hackspace
Brian's Santa Make List Code
Christmas Puddings
Mark's Santa Sleigh
Hitchin Hackspace Contact Info
Brian's BBC Basic Code
Marks Second Snow Animation
Jingle Bells.. Batman...
Santa Aboard Big Hak

The Running Display

Future Developments