Clarke Workshop Stand

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In order to safely use the:

These tools need to be mounted at a safe height and on a secure platform. Please use the Clarke Folding Work Table with these tools.

The platform has 8mm bolts with hand wheels and a slatted / perforated base which allows all the above tools to be securely mounted to the stand.

The legs of the stand are all adjustable for height with one of the four legs having a fine leg length screw adjustment to ensure that it can be adjusted to be stable on floors that are not flat.

Please make sure that the table is correctly adjusted and does not wobble before operating any machine tool mounted on it.

Clarke Folding Work table - Folded

The legs are extended by squeezing the quick release handle on each leg. This retracts the locking pin allowing the leg to be swung in to position.

Each leg has a height adjustment . Squeeze the two metal pips on opposite side of the leg and then slide the inner section in or out to the desired height set by the row of holes along the legs upper section. The lower section has white lines painted on them to help you to locate the pips in to the adjustment holes.

Clarke Folding Work table - Legs Extended