Creality Ender 5 Pro

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Filament Info

The Ender 5 Pro printers use 1.75mm Filament

Octoprint Information

Octoprint Web Page Ender 5 Pro 1
IP Address
Controller board version
Firmware version
1.3.1 2020/04/25
Firmware Family
  • This version sends duff temperature data. It duplicates every value. A special plugin is identified by Octoprint and needs to be installed for Octoprint to correctly display temperature values.
  • This version does not save key parameters when powered off even after clicking STORE in two different places.
    • On Power on set Extruder steps/per mm to = 96.5
    • On Power on set Z axis offset to = -1.80mm
  • Googling reveals for this board and firmware the MicroSD card MUST be in the SDCard slot at power on and power off or the settings are lost!

Octoprint Web Page Ender 5 Pro 2
IP Address
Controller board version
Firmware version
Firmware Family
Non currently

Suggested Tool Flow
  1. Obtain STL or OBJ model from thingiverse or craft one in modelling software.
  2. Configure print settings and slice using Slic3r.
  3. Upload directly from Slic3r to Octoprint.
  4. Start and monitor print from Octoprint web interface.
  5. Cancel Print if needed or adjust temperatures on the fly.
  6. Admire freshly 3d printed object.



Bed Levelling Guide

Use this Manual if you ever need to reset the nozzle offset.

Slicer G-Code Customisation

NOTE: As the Ender 5 Pro has a built in BLTouch bed levelling sensor you MUST change the machine settings in your Slicer so that the Start G-Code entry from:

G28 ; Original Home command


G28 ; Original Home command
G29 ; Home Command that uses BLTouch Bed Levelling

Assembly Manual

Use the Bed Levelling Guide above ^^^^^^^^ not the guide in this manual as it is for the Ender 5 without the BLTouch.

Printer Data

  • Downloadable Source data for printer:
  • Additional Octoprint Info

Octoprint Printer Profile Data

Name = No 1 Ender 5 Pro (No 2 Ender 5 Pro)
Identifier = no_1_ender_5_pro (no_2_ender_5_pro)
Model = No 1 Ender 5 Pro (No 2 Ender 5 Pro)
Printer Bed & Build Volume
Form Factor = Rectangular
Origin = Lower Left
Heated Bed = Check
Heated Chamber = Un-checked
Print Volume
Bed Width (X) = 220mm
Bed Depth (Y) = 220mm
Height (Z) = 300mm
Custom bounding box = Un-checked
Define the maximum speed/feedrate of the individual axes.
X = 600 mm/min
Y = 600 mm/min
Z = 200 mm/min
E = 300 mm/min
Hotend & Extruder
Nozzle Diameter = 0.40 mm
Number of Extruders = 1


Nozzle Type = "Mk 8"
Nozzle Diameter = 0.40 mm


Main Board Hardware Version