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See also The Project Archive for some of our older projects.

New Projects

LED Display Panel Driving

To gather details of how to drive the LED panels we have been given by London Hackspace via Luis F.

Christmas Light Display

Creating some Christmas illuminations

Christmas Kinetic Window Display

A bolder and bigger window display project

Hackspace Kinetic or Clock Display

A hackspace project for the outside of the hackspace

CO2 Monitoring

A CO2 Monitor for the Hackspace

Arduino Kit

An Arduino Starter kit with a beginners guide for Members to get started programming the Arduino Family of Microcontrollers

Ongoing Projects

Converting a disused toilet block into a Hackspace

Our biggest, longest running, ongoing project. Creating the Hackspace itself.

Outstanding Hackspace Build Jobs

A list of things we still need to do to finish the space.

The Hacks-traction Project

A dust and fume extraction system for the hackspace.

Derek The Dalek

Well what would you call your adopted Dalek?

Interest groups