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** 100MHz differential probe
** 100MHz differential probe
** digital logic probe + SW
** digital logic probe + SW
Link to manual:[[File:SDS2000X-Plus_UserManual_EN01C.pdf]]

== Power Supplies==
== Power Supplies==

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Test Instruments

  • 2 Channel Oscilloscope
  • Multimeter (Holdpeak 90EPD with bluetooth for remote reading)
  • 4 Channel Digtial Storage Oscilloscope
    • Siglent SDS2104X PLUS 4+16 100MHz MSO


    • 100MHz differential probe
    • digital logic probe + SW

Link to manual:File:SDS2000X-Plus UserManual EN01C.pdf

Power Supplies

  • 1 x Thurlby 0-30V 2A Bench PSU
  • 3 x Thurlby dual output 2A bench PSUs, 0-30V (maybe 32V?)
  • 1 x dual output 35V 2A bench PSU, TTi PSS3502A

Soldering Equipment

  • Soldering Iron x 3

Electronic/Electrical Hand tools

  • Arduino controlled robot
  • Red/Blue/Yellow Ratchet Terminal Crimp Tool
  • Several sets of Jewellers screwdrivers
  • Box of small hand tools (pliers, screwdrivers, tweezers, "extra-hands", etc.)
  • Box of Right-to-Repair tools go gain access to domestic electronics and electrical devices.