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I am writing to you on behalf of Hitchin Hackspace. We're a local, not-for-profit community group who like to make stuff (3D printing, robots, LED displays etc).

We are constantly on the look out for new members and opportunities to promote our group, as we would really like a workshop in town. A place where we can set up some of the bigger equipment and store our projects. Before we can achieve that we need more members.

I spoke to one of your chaps, Adam, a couple of weeks ago and he suggested I should send over my idea regarding the towns Christmas celebrations. I also got the impression that the plans were still in the early stages, and so there could be an opportunity for our group to get involved.

I thought it'd be really fun for Santa to arrive in the town center in a giant toy It just so happens we have one: bighak (all lower case on purpose), is a scaled up version of "bigtrak", a programmable toy robot from the 80s. We were wondering if you'd like to borrow bighak for this purpose. It can be controlled via a built in joystick, can be radio controlled from a distance or programmed, like the original. To get a better idea, please follow the link to our YouTube video.

Hitchin Hackspace @ MakerFaire UK 2014: http://youtu.be/wa681uSqbvc

It's a lot of fun! Obviously we don't want anything from this other than the opportunity to show the people of Hitchin what we're about and to make them aware of us, and maybe see bighak in the local press.

Please consider our proposal and if you want a demo, I'm sure we can arrange something. Also our open night is every Monday in Ransoms Rec pavilion and our social night is next Tuesday (14th) in The Vic if you want to come and talk to us.

Kind regards,