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In order to be able to lease 67 Bancroft from North Herts District Council we had to set up a Company, Hitchin Hackspace Limited.

Hitchin Hackspace Limited is a Not-for-Profit CLG (a Company Limited by Guarantee).

As a CLG, Hitchin Hackspace Ltd does not have shareholders. Instead, it belongs - and is accountable - to its members, which is all members of Hitchin Hackspace. The "guarantee" part comes from the requirement for each member to contribute £1 in the case of the company becoming insolvent. The liability of members is limited to £1 each.

Hitchin Hackspace Limited

Hackspace Address

 Hitchin Hackspace
 67 Bancroft
 United Kingdom
 SG5 1NJ

Registered Office

 24 Conquest Close
 United Kingdom
 SG4 9DP

Company Registration

Companies House Registration : Company number 10172041

Hitchin Hackspace Limited is a Private company limited by guarantee without share capital.

Hitchin Hackspace Limited was Incorporated on 10 May 2016.


  • Paul Britton
  • Richard Cowley
  • Brian Widdas

Articles of Association

Hitchin Hackspace Ltd Articles of Association 2016 PDF Document

Articles of Association Wiki Page

Memorandum of Association

Hitchin Hackspace Ltd Memorandum of Association 2016 PDF Document