How to do Fundraising

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Some notes on how to raise funds

Check with Environment Agency Website ("In your back yard") for Landfill site locations. The Wren grants *may* apply to closed landfill sites. Check with Wren.

Try apply to NHDC Community foundation again. Community Foundation is lots of small donors and trusts which get distributed based on what the original groups would like to fund. It is worth digging around the community foundation website says about those funding them and see if we can find a match then word application to match donors to foundation's ethos / requirements / desire to fund. Having identified a matching source / donor then read the wording of what they want to fund and then reflect that wording back to them and match our request to what they want to fund.

Don't get too techy on wording of applications. We will tend to be too geeky and techy and not focus on the people / what we can do for the community.

"We are too inward facing" Wording of applications makes sense to us in the group but will not make enough sense to the people we are applying to.

Mention how our activity will impact the community / make a difference to the community. Helping different age groups. Mention our REMAP help as they have a good rep with fundraisers.

Get in touch with groups like scouts and guides and see if they would make use of what we hope to be offering. Find out what we could really do for them and try and get a written "letter of intent" that would support us.

Don't overstretch the truth of what we hope to do and achieve.

Is there a government or local authority policy for supporting technology we could use as support for what we are trying to do.

Charity Commission Database. Is a bit clunky but can search on location, keyword searches. Worth digging around in. Every single charitable trust has to be listed here. There will be lots of scout groups and guide groups. Look for the names of trustees as they might be people that folks may know and might be approachable directly or through existing local contacts we have.