LED Display Panel Driving

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Main Original Information Source

London Hackspace Wiki pages on driving the LED panels

Data sheet for the LED driver chip; there are 24 in each panel

Driving the panels

Full details here: LED panel interface

Example Micropython (RP2040) code: https://github.com/hackhitchin/ledpanel-python-sample

Panel driving approaches

ESP32 Drivers

Neil has developed LED Panel drivers for the ESP32 range of modules.

Example wiring and other details can be found on the LED Panel ESP32 page

Driven by Arduino

Luis says "I’ve had them working two ways one with an arduino as a basic text pattern scroller as in my first video with no dimmer control."

OEM Driver board

Luis says "Second as a single square as part of a real time video wall using original manufactures driver board and a gigabit network card."

4 Panel driver circuit with oem driver
Panel driver board side A
Panel driver board side B

Option 3

Luis says "But would like help on getting a third option working of modifying the existing code header file on an esp32/esp8266 which has the dimming option. That way they can be used individually as one off projects with small PSUs"

Initial Arduino Nano Driving

Neil S's Panel Driver Circuit using an Arduino Nano
Neil S's Panel Driver Circuit Arduino Nano Protoboard Layout
Neil S's Panel Driver Connector Interface - Socket View
Neil S's Panel Driver Connector Interface - Stripboard View

LED Panel Data

Connector Pinout

+5V +5V +5V +5V
+5V +5V +5V +5V
D2 OE A0 Clk
Gnd Gnd Gnd Gnd
Gnd Gnd Gnd Gnd

Mechanical Dimensions

LED Panel Drawing with additional dimensions and thread details

There is a PDF of the drawing available

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