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NOTE: Needs to be merged with Designing for Laser Cutting

Things to make

Box generators



This script has been tested to created a 50mm cube from 7.5mm clear acrylic, here are the settings used.

Interestingly, the cube had an internal width of 42mm and external width of 57mm - this was due to the DPI, the generator assumes 100 DPI, the Inkscape default is 90 DPI. Once set correctly, it is highly accurate.

Units millimeters
Width 50
Height 50
Depth 50
Material Thickness 6.5
Notch Length Auto
Cut Width (Kerf) 0.1


This is a Perl script...


This is untested. May work well with wood but will not play nicely with the 7.5mm acrylic. burn baby burn the fun part

Project inspiration...

Help / issues


It's been found that if you try cutting with Acrylic underside's protective film removed, you will find 'swirl marks' after cutting. These are caused by the heat/smoke being extracted from the cut. To fix this, simply leave the protective film in place until you are finished cutting.


NOTE: The demo software will crash in the demo on A0 "Blacknose" settings. Please change the file "syscfg - Blacknose.ini", find "NeedRevise=1" under section "[TWOAXIS_0]" and change it to "NeedRevise=0" - a revised download may be provided soon. Source - Nottingham Hackspace wiki

Media info

3mm Lasersafe Poplar Plywood - 65% 12mm/s

Pink card - 20% 15mm/s

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