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Space measurements

Floor to ceiling height

Measurements from the existing floor to the existing ceiling. This will change when we overboard the ceiling and if we put anything down on the floor.

  • Gents: 282cm
  • Ladies: 292cm

Cistern room brickwork

  • Central doorway between sides: 150cm
    • Could be 156cm if some brick edges are cut back
  • Wall thickness: 23.5cm
  • Cupboard area width (wall to wall): 115cm
  • Cupboard area depth (central doorway to back wall): 187cm (could change, as above)
  • Central doorway to front wall: 185cm

External doorways

  • Gents: 124.5 x 217cm
  • Ladies: 125 x 229cm (width is +/- 0.5cm across the height of the doorway)

Disabled toilets

  • Gents
    • Top of existing wall to unboarded ceiling: 68cm
    • Length of existing wall: 214cm
    • Max width of stud wall above doorway: 120cm
  • Ladies
    • Top of existing wall to unboarded ceiling: 82cm
    • Length of existing wall: 216cm
    • Max width of stud wall above doorway: 120cm


  • Divider wall: 150cm
  • Back wall: 175cm
  • Distance back wall to water pipe (inclusive): 85cm
  • Untiled floor under electricity meter: 56 x 20cm
  • Meter/fusebox minimum boxing in: 69 x 13 x 148cm (excludes double socket under fusebox)
  • Meter/fusebox/water pipe boxing including covering untiled floor: 90 x 20 x 148cm

  • Wombled cabinet doors:
    • Three of: 495x720mm
    • Two of: 545x705mm
    • One of: 600x705mm


Glass thickness is approx 5mm, externally beaded, with enough room to accomodate a 10mm polycarbonate pane.

  • Small window pane (as found in the opening portion of windows)
    • Internal dimensions: 510 x 170mm
    • External glass dimensions: 535 x 195mm
  • Medium window pane (as found in the non-opening portion)
    • Internal dimensions: 560 x 265mm
  • Large window pane (as found in undivided window frames)
    • 562 x 560mm

To be replaced:

  • Small: 4 (1 missing, 3 broken)
  • Medium: 11 (4 old fibreglass, 1 missing, 6 broken)
  • Large 2 (cracked)

Cistern room ceiling

Distance between rearmost joist at front and frontmost joist at rear: ~280cm (~9'2")

New loft hatch

80cm deep, 180cm wide. Size will be reduced ~40mm in each dimension by casing (depending on thickness of casing wood).