Open Evening and End of Event Tidy Up Tasks

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End of Session Tidy Up Tasks

The following are things which need doing at the end of a session at the Hackspace

  • Tidy away all equipment you have used, leave your bench space, and any machines you have used, clean and tidy.
  • Put all the chairs away.
  • Wash up all mugs, cups and glasses. Dry and put away on the shelves.
  • Put away all the biscuits and check the containers are sealed.
  • Put the milk back in the fridge.
  • Clean the Jura Coffee machine
    • Run the milk cleaning cycle on the machine.
    • Remove and clean the dispensing head and milk frother assembly.
    • Empty the used coffee grounds and empty the drip tray.
    • Wash the drip tray and grounds bin.
    • Turn off coffee machine at the wall socket.
  • Turn off the hot water urn.
  • Clean / wipe down the counter top and sink.
  • Vacuum the office side floor. Sweep the workshop floor.
  • When the weather is cold, turn the heaters down to frost protect mode.
  • Bring the Hackspace sign in from the door.
  • Turn off the lights
    • Check the smallest room
    • Cubby hole
    • Loft.
  • Lock the door!
  • Go home.