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Inside the Space

Office Side

Kitchen Area


Office Area

Better Use of Walls for Storage

See also Shelving the Office

  • Wall-mounted shelving
  • Cupboards?
  • Component Racks?
  • TV/monitor bracket?
  • Some art, pictures, kinetic sculpture

3D printer Area

  • Build 3D printer enclosure for fire suppression and temperature stabilisation
    • Fire suppression system / technology
  • Storage above printers for material and equipment
  • Open but not in use filament spool storage:
    • Airtight boxes
    • Silica gel with mix of colour change gel / humidity indicator labels
  • Boxes for in-use spools to feed out of
  • Air-drier devices to revive "wet" filament


"Cubby Hole"

  • Rearrange shelving and fit more shelves

Loft Hatch


Workshop Side


  • Finish filling the wall by the wood lathe, sand, paint.
  • Middle partition: Fill holes in tiles and paint.
  • Right hand window Tiles. sand filler and paint.
  • Paint concrete floor by workbench corner.
  • Fix / fill tiles at floor level on wall where they are missing / broken. Sand / paint.
  • Build Partition at end of wood lathe by door.
  • Make mods to wheel chair ramp so that it can be installed / used. Part Done
  • Air/dust extraction, with cyclone see The Hacks-traction Project
  • Power sockets by shelf area for power tool charging
  • Shelves on walls / Storage
  • Install chequer plate strip on step between Workshop and Office Done
  • Modify low end of wheelchair ramp so it is more stable and sits flush with floor

The Smallest Room

  • Finish filling holes in walls and remove any remaining fixings. Paint / make good.
  • Finish sanding, paint top row tile by door.
  • Air extraction - multi-speed fan, independent of the light switch / Fume / dust extraction see The Hacks-traction Project

Loft Space

  • Get woodworm investigated.
  • Board out loft. Need more plywood. Decision on how much to board out around edges / eaves. Part DONE a lot of the edges away from the central section are not boarded
  • Inventory of what's in the loft.
  • Sort out storage / shelving in loft to make best use of the loft space.
  • Fit winch to aid moving stuff in and out of loft. Lifting regulations?
  • Fit small metal tube balustrade to left of loft hatch. Initial metalwork parts acquired

Outside the space

Main door

  • Build up wheelchair ramp smoothing of threshold. Tarmac under bench in workshop. Has it gone off? Summer job need hot weather!


  • Get roof checked out by roofer. Needs doing for roof on park side above workshop.
    • Roof Rot Images and repair requirements information page
    • Some quotes obtained. Need more and to get work done.
    • Roof valley over Smallest Room and associated rotten timber
    • Roof valley over toilet
    • Saddle tiles over door corner and rotten timber
  • Replace remaining damaged tiles.
  • Clean remaining moss off roof. Part done. Still quite a lot of moss to clear


  • Spring clean the gutter brushes. DONE But is an annual job and needs doing again

"The Trench"

  • Remove trees and vegetation DONE but stuff has grwon back so needs more work
  • Remove Tree Stumps and kill what is left with extreme prejudice to stop it growing back. One treatment done but it doesn't seem to have done very much
  • Dig out all the mud and detritus down to gravel.
  • Dispose of all the stuff that gets dug out. Hippo bag to be ordered.
  • Replenish gravel?
    • Gravel area approximately 13.8m^2. Filling this area to:
      • 100mm = 1.38m^3
      • 200mm = 2.76m^3
      • 300mm = 4.14m^3
  • Back fill numerous holes in retaining wall possibly created by rats. Use Ballast/Gravel/Cement in w/shop cupboards


  • Paint the railings.
    • Wire brush to remove loose paint
    • Paint with Hammerite or similar