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Chosen layout

Following further debate at the Social Evening on 9th May, Layout M below emerged as the consensus decision and will be put to members to approve/reject using One Click Orgs.

Proposed layouts


Below are 13 proposed layouts for the Bancroft Hackspace. We need to pick one. We're required by our lease to submit plans for the building to the council before we can make any big changes (like knocking down walls).

When discussing/deciding, please bear in mind the following:

Assume that whatever we decide is physically and legally possible. None of us are structural engineers or building control inspectors, but until we actually have a decision, we can't put a plan in front of people who are.

Assume that whatever we decide is financially possible. If it turns out we can't afford it, then we can have a rethink, but we're not going to be able to cost it out until we've picked it.

Points which have been raised so far:

  • Putting the toilet in the workshop side creates a hazard to anyone who needs the loo, particularly if anything dangerous is being done in the workshop (metal cutting, grinding, etc)
  • Putting the toilet in the office means the possiblity of smells (granted this is also the case in the workshop, but that's likely to be dustier and smellier)
  • We need to avoid disturbing the Almhouses near the "gents" side of the building (the "office" in most layouts). In other words, people live roughly 20 metres away from the building. They are near a main road, though, so as long as we're not doing anything obscenely loud it may not be an issue
  • The workshop should be bigger than the office, so we can do more stuff in it
  • The office should be bigger than the workshop, as based on experience of other spaces, more people will use that side

Clearly some of these points are contradictory, which is one of the things which is holding us back somewhat.


An early layout

Bancroft plan.png

Here is a PDF of this early proposed layout Bancroft model v2_Drawing 1

The shorter, fatter blue rectange represents 8'x4', as "being able to work on an 8x4' sheet of ply" is a useful benchmark for being able to do stuff. The longer, thinner rectangle represents a typical workbench which might have machine tools on it.

The entrance/exit will be to the office side. The workshop door will probably be a fire escape.









Layout I: Workshop to the left (including dirty workshop), office to the right with toilet. Kitchen/tea-making facilities at the top right

Layout I

Layout I 2

Layout J

An earlier layout proposal showing furniture for scale can be found here


Other layout options 12-Apr-17

Following discussions at the social night two further layouts were proposed:

Option K:

Enlarged ladies loo.jpg

  • Addresses concern about having loo in workshop through relocation of door & PVC screen
  • Workshop area smaller than is ideal
  • Toilet very close to legal requirements for disabled access

Option L:

Gents disabled loo.jpg

  • Addresses concern about locating loo in workshop area

Other layout option 10-May-17

Following further discussions at the May social night a final layout was proposed. This will be put to a OneClick vote once the OneClick members list has been updated:

Option M

File:Layout M Drawing.pdf

Layout M.jpg


Any comments? Ideally in #layout on Slack. Or by email to Or on on this wiki.