Record CL3-36 Wood Lathe

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This tool cannot be operated without completing a training course.

Do not wear loose clothing while operating this machine
Disconnect before carrying out maintenance or repair Switch off and remove plug from socket when not in use Wear ear protectors Eye protection must be worn
Wear face shield Wear a mask Wear safety footwear
Rotating machinery Beware of moving parts Sharp elements
WARNING: Risk of entanglement with rotating parts!

Equipment Image

Record Power CL3-36 Wood Lathe

Safety information / minimum required PPE Details

  • Do not wear loose clothing. Long hair must be tied back. Remove necklaces, jewelery, rings and watches
  • Wear eye protection. Face shields are available.
  • Some woods are toxic and dust masks will be needed.
  • Run the dust and chip extraction.
  • When you have finished work leave the dust extraction system running for 2 hours on its timer.
  • Hearing protection is available if required.

Machine name/identifier

  • Manufacturer: Record Power
  • Model Number / Part Number: CL3-36 Wood Lathe

Machine Capacity

  • Power rating = 3/4HP / 550W
  • Voltage = 220V
  • Current =
  • Maximum distance between centres = 36” (194 mm)
  • Maximum bowl diameter over bed = 12” (305 mm)
  • Maximum spindle diameter = 9” (229 mm)
  • Maximum bowl diameter with optional = CL3/B bowl turning attachment: 30” (762 mm)
  • Pulley Speeds (smallest to largest diameter) = 425, 625, 925, 1360, 2000 rpm
  • Drive Belt = Poly V
  • Main Bearing = Phosphor bronze (adjustable)
  • Spindle Nose = 3/4” x 16 tpi
  • Noise Emission = Sound power level < 85dB (A)
  • Sound pressure level = < 85dB (A)
  • Length = 1625 mm
  • Depth = 381 mm
  • Height = 368 mm
  • Weight: CL3 = 86 kg
  • Headstock Spindle = NO.1 Morse Taper
  • Tailstock Barrel = NO.1 Morse Taper
  • SPINDLE FLATS To suit 9/16" Whitworth Spanner supplied with machine.


  • In the Workshop

Training Materials

  • Links to videos for training
  • Training documentation

Manuals / Documentation

READ THE PROVIDED MANUAL. It covers all aspects of safely using this machine.

Online / Digital Documentation

CL3 Manual PDF

Hardcopy / Paper Documentation Location

An original paper copy is available in the Workshop Manuals folder.


Any useful pictures of the machine

General Operating Procedure

Describe how to:

  • Safety checks before starting.
  • Turn the machine on
  • Operating procedures
  • Turning the machine off.
  • Cleaning after use.
  • State machine should be left / put back in to storage.

Can be broken down in to sub sections

Speed setting

This diagram is mounted on the wall by the lathe, and in the manual.

Belt positions and spindle speeds

Sub Section 2

Sub Section 3


Multistar Titan Compact Chuck

Placeholder Image - Replace with a photograph of the machine in situ or set up for use

Multistar Titan Chuck Accessory - Expanding Mandrel

Placeholder Image - Replace with a photograph of the machine in situ or set up for use

  • Out of production
  • Manual in Workshop Manuals folder

Maintenance requirements and schedule

Detail routine maintenance steps and schedules

Every use

Oiling The Bearing

  • Before first use, and before the lathe is used on all subsequent occasions a tiny amount (5-6 drops) of oil should be added to the bearing


  • This procedure should also be carried out every two hours during prolonged use.
  • Recommended Oil is Record Power RPSO-100 which is designed specifically for use with the Record Power bronze bearing system.
    • If this is not available, automotive grade 30W oil can be substituted.
IMPORTANT: The bearing does not need a lot of oil but must not be allowed to dry out.




6 Monthly


Spares Information

Detail consumables and spare parts. Drive belts, specific lubricants, blades, cutters.

Hackspace Spares

Detail spares stored in the hackspace and where they are located.

Record CL3-36 Wood Lathe Replacement Drive Belt
Location Spec / Description Alternative Designation No Reqd V Profile Width Depth Outside Measured Length Spec Belt Length
Motor-Pulley Poly-V-Belt PJ-457 1 Poly-V-Belt 5V 11.9mm 3.5mm 457mm 457mm

Spares Sources

Details of any spares suppliers or consumables suppliers e.g. specific blades or cutters for machines (bandsaw blades, circular saw blades)