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(Do we want to include something about younger people as long as accompanied by a parent / guardian ? or not go there?)

MM: can we ask what they recommend/require? I think above suggestion ok for under 16, not sure about 16-18
RDC, 30-Jul-15: Does a guardian being present abdicate our responsibility entirely? Not sure we can answer this one without external input.
DLKB, 30/07/2015: It would be very nice to allow under 18's. I'm just thinking of us bringing along our kids (future kids). Again, I think stipulating parent or guardian present just makes it safer for us. At the very least, could this be something we add at a later date?

We have some under 18 members and attend events which may have young or vulnerable people attending, do we want to include cover for allegations of abuse in your public liability insurance?

MM: Since we don't run workshops this seems overkill
RDC, 30-Jul-15: I guess it ultimately comes down to cost. Whilst I want the group to be inclusive, younger members do present some issues re. responsibility, which I don't believe we fully understand, and in reality we don't have many(any?). We could try and speak with Liz/Vicky @Triangle Garden as they may be able to offer some advice

What level of Public liability insurance of cover is required: £1,000,000 /£2,000,000 / £5,000,000 / £10,000,000

MM: Morton Michel suggests £1M, I can't find anything else to guide us. Triangle Gardens didn't stipulate the level of cover required.
RDC, 30-Jul-15: The insurance form I filled in last night covered us for £2m. Hencilla Canworth was £10m PL (&£10m employers liability, although I didn't include that in the request).
DLKB, 30/07/2015: Should we ask other hackspaces what level of cover they went for?
MM: Nottinghack: £2M, Model Engineering Club: £5M, Bristol: £5M, Southampton: £5M

Public liability cover does not include your volunteers (if they injured someone else that would be covered, if they injured themselves or another volunteer that would not) this comes under employers liability cover do we want employers liability cover?

MM: I think we need employers liability if we provide any volunteer run instruction or infrastructure, so yes
RDC, 30-Jul-15: I didn't tick the 'Employers Liability' on the Hencilla Canworth application. Once they quote I'll call to discuss whether it is required, and the cost of adding it

Can you tell me a little more about ‘bighack’ is this an event which you run or a machine you run at others events? Is it just your members who ride in it or do you make it available to members of the public to have a go in?

MM: bighak is a scaled up, driveable version of the 70s programmable robot toy bigtrak. Our version is powered by wheelchair motors (top speed ~5mph) and can be controlled by the original wheelchair joystick or remotely. There is a failsafe 'remote kill' feature so that a supervisor can cut the power if required. We display bighak at makerfaires and it is always driven by members. Occasionally members of the public ride it but it stays under member control at all times. See the website for more details:

Will any Hackspace assets be taken away from the Pavilion for events?: Yes / No? If yes what? (Do you take the equipment out and about to events etc. or does it always stay in the building, If you only take some bits away from the building then could you let me know which bits and the total value?)

MM: hackspace assets aren't taken to events.
RDC, 30-Jul-15: Are you saying bighak isn't an asset? Does that mean he's a liability :(
DLKB, 30/07/2015: What about likely future hackspace tools like drills, screwdrivers, soldering irons etc? Are they low enough cost items to not care if they get stolen or lost/damaged? Should we agree a small financial limit to items taken along like £500 in total?

Who provides the training to your members on correct use of machinery?
MM: Mike's answer is good. For things like the laser cutter we can get training from the manufacturer, at the moment all other tools are 'consumer' level. I think the basic answer is the training will be provided by experienced but not professionally certified trainers.