Teabot layout concepts

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All modules mounted on a rotating carousel hot water module potentially stationary in the centre with a rotating nozzle modules could possibly be two storey

  • + Position control easy
  • + Single unit
  • + No electrical connections that need aligning
  • + First version relatively easy
  • ~ Scaling requires a new carousel, but could be relatively straightforward
  • - Minimal theatre


Recirculating track

Modules arranged along a back row, cup dispense stations arranged along the front activie modules are carried from the back to the front as required.

  • + Lots of movement going on
  • + Very scaleable
  • + Modules are descrete and can be tested alone
  • ~ Scaling requires a longer track
  • - Electrical connections need to be robust
  • - Many crictical positions needing precise alignment
  • - How to safely dispense hot water?


2 axis crane

Modules and cup positions arbitarily assigned. modules picked up and moved to cup positions as required

  • + Maximum mystery and theatre
  • - Complex, multi axis movement system
  • - Many positions and connections required
  • - Scaling requires rebuilding complex component


'The barrister'

Cup moved to modules along a linear axis

  • + Relatively simple
  • + Scaling requires a longer track
  • + No moving/changing electrical connections
  • - Less theater than some designs
  • - Moving cups with hot water


Flexible pipes

Modules are stationary but interact with cup(s) through flexible pipes/actuators. For mk1, pipes fixed to one position. mk2 has robot arm moving pipes/acutators to multiple cup positions.

  • + No moving/changing electrical connections
  • + Mk1 is as simple as possible to implement
  • + Robot arm gives lots of theatre
  • + Infrasturcture requires minimal hardware development
  • ~ Scaling may require a new, larger robot arm
  • - V1 has low theater
  • - Pipes may cause reliability/cleaning issues or change hot water temperature