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Extraction System Drawings Sketches and Plans

File:Hackspace workshop floor plan sketches 20210428.pdf

Dust Extraction


  • suitable for use with ~100mm ducting
  • quiet
  • small, either fits in the loft or takes up minimal room in the workshop.

Most dust extractors seem to fall into one of two categories: high pressure (suction) but low flow rate (HPLV) or low pressure, high flow (LPHV). HPLV is most like a domestive vacuum or can format shop-vac, and is most suitable for hooking directly to a handheld powertool. They tend to use small diameter hoses (60-63mm) and have integrated filters. LPHV is better suited to large woodworking machinery or workshop-wide extraction systems. They tend to use larger hoses/ducts (100mm+) and have only coarse (but very large) filter bags, that let through the finer dust. They often need to be used in combination with an air cleaner / filter systems to keep the fine dust out of the air.

A relatively small LPHV system appears to be the best choice for the hackspace, as it won't take up too much room, won't be too loud but can create the high airflow needed for goodchip extraction on the larger woodworking machinery

Fine Extraction


AC15fs: £210, 61-64dB, 360-600m^3/hr, for rooms up to 155m^3

AC400: £160, 69dB, up to 700m^3/hr

Scheppach HDA-14: £177, 50-60dB, 600-740m^3/hr