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The "Where to find things" Map

Here is a map of where larger equipment, tools and storage areas are in the hackspace.

The "Where to find things" or Hitchin Hackspace Storage, Equipment and Tool Map

You can also download a copy of this map as a PDF : Hitchin Hackspace Storage, Equipment and Tool Map PDF

The locations mentioned in the table below can be found on this map to help you locating equipment.

The "Where to find things" Searchable Table

This page should contain the location of everything at the Hackspace. If you spot something that's missing or its location has moved, please update the page or leave a message on Slack.

What? On which shelf or in which box? Where? In which room?
--------------- Office ---------------
Label printer On Floor Cubbyhole Office
Bathroom scales
Step ladder
Adjustable vice Bottom Shelf Cupboard 1, under 3d printers
ASUS small laptops
Spare keyboards and mice Top Shelf
White board markers
Plain white paper, A4
Whiteboard cleaner
Electric heater Floor next to cupboard Cupboard 2, under 3d printers
3D printer filament Top and Bottom Shelf
2 x Stapler + 1 x Large Stapler On printer shelf Cupboard 3, next to laser cutter
Solder, soldering iron Electronics Bench Tool Kit 1 RUB Electronics Bench
Digital multimeter DMM
Helping hands /croc clips/magnifier
Side cutters
Needle nose pliers
Wire stripper
Fibreglass pencil + refills
Siglent Digital Oscilloscope On Table
Bench current limiting power supply
Bench multimeter
Solder fume extractor fan
Frequency counter
Pace Soldering iron
Adjustable vice
Magnifier Ring Lamp
Solderless breadboard / stripboard Plastic Tub
PAT tester Shelf 4 Electronics Bench Shelving
Silicone work mat
Logic probe
High voltage differential probe
Security bit set, 1/4"
Reflow oven
Soldering station
Head mounted visor magnifier
Spudgers, wedges, hooks and pry bars Shelf 4, "Right-to-Repair" Tools RUB
Fine/precision screwdrivers /hex drivers /security bits
Anti static wrist straps Shelf 4, Anti Static Wrist Straps RUB
Solder, soldering iron Shelf 4, Electronics Bench Tool Kit 2 RUB
Digital multimeter DMM
Helping hands /croc clips/magnifier
Side cutters
Needle nose pliers
Wire stripper
Automotive crimp tool Shelf 4, Electronics Hand Tools RUB
Helping hands /croc clips/magnifier
Magnet/enamelled wire
Solder sucker
Fine tipped pliers: round, flat, needle, curved needle nose
Top flush cutters
Mains plug wiring checker
Security bit sets, 4mm hex drive Shelf 4, Security Bit and Small Hex Bit Tool RUB
Soldering iron Shelf 4, Soldering Iron RUB
Test leads and crocodile/alligator clips 4mm for DMM and power supplies Shelf 4, Test Leads RUB
Vacuum chuck, tweezers, pickup tool Shelf 4, Vacuum Chuck, Tweezers, Pickup Tool RUB
Cotton buds First PC Shelf Shelves Next to Laser Cutter
Vacuum nozzle Shelf 1, Fine Vaccum Kit RUB Shelving A, Cubbyhole
Broken hot air solder reflow gun Shelf 1, Hot Air Reflow RUB
Plumbing fittings Shelf 1, Plumbing Fittings RUB
Screws and brackets Shelf 1, unlabelled box 1
Arduino kits Shelf 2, Arduino Kit RUB
Pi and Arduino hats/shields
Assorted usb leads & audio wires Shelf 2, Antistatic Component Drawers, Assorted USB Leads & Wire
Batteries, AA, AAA, button cell Shelf 2, Antistatic Component Drawers, Batteries
Tindie soldering kit
Hot air gun / heat gun Shelf 2, Antistatic Component Drawers, Heatshrink Hot Air Gun
Nylon braid
Chocolate block connectors Shelf 2, Antistatic Component Drawers, Stuff
Small rubber feet
Motor brushes
Self adhesive labels
Tape measures and jewellery screwdriver Shelf 2, Antistatic Component Drawers, Tape Measures and Jewellery Screwdrivers
Small plastic pry bars
Digital vernier callipers Shelf 2, Antistatic Component Drawers, Vernier Callipers
Wago connectors
Side cutters
IEC leads Shelf 2, IEC Mains Lead RUB
Binder clips, stripboard, magnets Shelf 2, Lefthand Side of Antistatic Component Drawers
Plunge router under repair? Shelf 3
Bighaks batteries Shelf 5, BigHak Battery RUB
Crimping tool and male/female automotive crimps Shelf 5, Components and Parts RUB
Component sets through hole resisters/capacitors/push buttons
Strip board/veroboard
Fuse set
Heat shrink set
Barrel jack power connectors
Ethernet sockets and DBXX connectors
Digital multimeters Shelf 5, Digital Multimeters RUB
Infrared contactless spot thermometer
Extension lead for clamp on ammeter
Digital projector Shelf 5, Video Projector RUB
IEC leads Hanging on Shelves Shelving B, Cubbyhole
Instrument/hook-up stranded wire reels yellow/green/orange/black/purple/white/blue Shelf 1
Picture mount cutter
Upholstery tools toolbox: hole punch, ball pein hammer, tacks, claw, wool Shelf 3
Engraving kit electric engraver and tips
Steam iron
Pyrography kit (soldering iron box)
Propeak Battery charger
Empty laptop bag
Automotive crimp tool
Shackles and carabiners "masking tape" tray
Scrap wire Shelf 4
Bench current limiting power supply
Sewing machine Shelf 5
--------------- Workshop ---------------
Posilock chuck with 6/8/10/12 and 1/4",3/8", 1/2", 5/8" collets On Top Of Bisley drawers B1 between lathe and mill Workshop
Face mills 2"/2.5"
Live centre MT3
1-13mm Jacobs chuck MT3
MT3 collet chuck holder and set
Lathe tool inserts for steel and Ali Deburring Tool
Carbide endmill 10/16mm, slot drills 11/14mm, 3/16",1/4", 5/16" Posilock slot/end mills
6mm HSS burr
C spanners
Deburring tools
Centre drill set
Set screw endmill adapter for Posilock collet holder
Lathe grooving tool HSS Tool Blanks
Boring bars
Parting off tool holder and blades
HSS tool blanks
Lathe gears Lathe Gears / Parallels
T-nuts for mill
Parallels 3/4-1/2-6, 3/8-5/8, 3/8-1/4
Angle block 30/60/45 degree
Spare lamp GU5.3 for lathe light
Draw bars m12/XXX see wiki Drawbars Pinchuck Saw
Round bar centre finder
MT1 to MT3 morse tape adapter
Pin chucks
Slitting saw & arbor 50mm OD, ~1mm thick
Wiggler sets
Interlock switch
Toe clamps and riser blocks 5 Steel Packing Pieces
Lathe tool box (only one lathe tool)
Lathe and mill manual Manuals
Flap wheels, sanding disking, polishing pads, polish Dremel Bits
Diamond engraving bits
Wire brush and grind stone bits
3mm shank 2.1-3.0mm 01mm step drill bits
Diamond engraving bits Dremel Bits 2
Cutting disks, sanding disks and arbours
0.5-3.0mm 0.2mm step drill bits
Small vice with inserts for holding odd shapes
Countersink bit set Step Drills Countersinks
Step drill bit set 4-12mm, 4-20mm, 4-32mm
Cone drill bit set
Plug cutter set
"HSS milling drill" set 3/4/5/6/8mm for cutting sideways in wood and plastic
Taper reamers
Tool makers clamps 10 Tool Makers Clamps
T-slot clamping and fixture set On Top Of Bisley Drawers B2 to Left of Mill
DTI on magnetic base lever 2um, 0.01mm plunger, 1thou plunger, 0.1thou plunger
Cold chisel and punch set 1.5/3/4/5/6/8mm Punches
Pop riveter Pop Rivet
Pop rivets 2.4/3.2/4/4.8mm diameter
Digital vernier callipers Digital Calliper
Digital depth gauge Digital Depth Gauge Digital Angle Gauge
Digital angle gauge
Imperial micrometres 1"/1-2"/3-4"/4-5" Imperial Micrometres
Imperial micrometres 1" Imperial Micrometres 2
Hole /bore gauges 1/4"-3/4"/25-30mm/35-40mm/50-55mm DTI Hole Bore Gauges
Dial gauge 0.1/0.5thou
Dti lever 0.01mm
External micrometres 25-50/75-100mm Metric Micrometres
Bore micrometres 5-30mm
Imperial depth gauge 1"/2"/3" Imperial Depth Gauge
T squares set T squares
Screw extractors Screw Extractors
Die grinder Air Tools
Blow off tool
Die holder and tap wrench Taps & Dies
Combination squares with spirit level, centre finder, adjustable angle Combination Square
Machine screws M2/3/4/5/6/8/10 coach/hex/cheese/slotted/socket/csk/button Component Briefcases Component Briefcase Drawers
Nuts regular/nyloc/square/wing/tee Component Briefcases
Washers regular/penny/star/spring Component Briefcases
Large coach bolts (125mm) Deep Component Briefcase
Large hex bolts 25/100/125mm Deep Component Briefcase
Large corner brackets Deep Component Briefcase
Teeny tiny springs M2/M3 Component Briefcase
Woodscrews small to large Woodscrew 1 & 2 Component Briefcases
Wire clips Woodscrew 1 Component Briefcase
Small corner brackets Woodscrew 1 Component Briefcase
Masonry/concrete screws Woodscrew 1 Component Briefcase
Old newspapers On Top COSHH/flammables cupboard
IPA Top Shelf
Paint primer
White spirit
Solvent cement
Acrylic paint
Cellulose thinners
Brush cleaning thinners
Coloured varnish
Contact adhesive
Emulsion paint gloss
Floor paint
Superglue/cyanoacrylate activator "Mitre fast"
Surface plate Bottom Left Shelf Cupboard 4, under pillar drill
Marking gauge / scribe
Dovetail router jig Top Right Shelf
Ballast (stone) / Cement Bottom Shelf Cupboard 5, under pillar drill
Wooden/plastic wheels Blue Tub End Wall Workbench
Stainless Steel Wood screws, Platerboard and Self Tapper Screws (Lidl) Clear Plastic Lidl Tubs
Wood screws Component Drawers
Panel pins and thumbtacks
Steel tacks and cut brads
Moulding pins 15/20/25mm
Small nails
Staples (nails)
Nails 15mm - 75mm
Brass screw cups
Eye screws and hooks
Drawer pulls and picture hanging fittings
Hex head screws 100mm
Rubber washers, o-rings, drain plugs
Flush hinges
Wooden dowels
Rawl plugs
Coach bolts 75mm
Jacobs chuck keys
Imperial drill bits
Cylinder/drum sander kit Component Drawers, Grey Box on top
Wooden knobs Component Drawers, Stork Plastic Tub on top
Small press brake / sheetmetal folder On Workbench
Table saw Under Workbench, Floor
Router table Under Workbench, Shelf
Plunge router
Air filter (on loan)
Planer / Thicknesser
Mitre saw stand On Floor In front of shelves in far right corner of Workshop
Grease gun Milling Machine Stand Cupboard Milling Machine Stand
Magnetic steel bowls for small parts and screws Stuck to Side of Tool Chest Red Tool Chest
Spring clamps Top Shelf Red Tool Chest, 1 Top Section
Non slip mat
Torx T-handle driver set
Hex/allen T-handle driver set
Grease Gun
Giant paper clips
Magnetic tape label
Fine sharpie Pens, Pencils, etc
Broad sharpie
Paint pen
Carpenters pencil
Dry wipe markers
Pencil sharpener
Eraser/ rubber
Chinagraph pencil
Loctite / threadlock / bearing retainer 1 Threadlock
Tweezers Tweezers, Picks & Paintbrushes (Small)
Paintbrushes (small)
Lollipop sticks/small spatulas
Pickup tool/ grasper
External callipers Measuring and Marking
Combination square
Tape measure
Zeus reference charts
Automatic centre punch
Magnet on a telescopic handle
Centre finding centre punch
Engineers blue, marking fluid
Cloth tape measure
Hole gauge / thread gauge / thread pitch gauge
Odd leg calliper
Straight calliper
External callipers
Internal calliper
Nail punch
Mirror on a telescopic handle
R1-7mm internal and external radius gauge
R15.5-25mm internal and external radius gauge
R7.5-15mm internal and external radius gauge
Feeler gauges
Screw pitch gauge 4-42 & 0.25-6mm
Thread form angle gauge
SWG wire diameter gauge #36 - #0
Centre finding square 45degree set square
Protractor/ruler angle gauge
3/8" transfer punch
3" butt marker (for marking door hinges)
Spirit level
300mm ruler
150mm ruler
1-10mm, 0.5mm step twist drill for metal and wood Drills
0.6-2.5mm, 0.1m step, left hand and right handed drill bits for metal and wood
3-10mm, 1mm step masonry drill bits
1.5-10mm, 0.5mm step twist drill bits
Pin vice (in Workzone L&R drill bit set)
3-10mm, 1mm step spur tip wood drill bits
3-10mm, 0.5mm step spur tip wood drill bits
Sds plus hole saw arbour
Sds plus Jacobs chuck and chuck key
Forstener bit set, 6/10/12/16/20/22/25/28/32/35/38/41/45/48/51/54mm
8mm x 200mm masonry drill bit
Replacement HSS twist drill set, 1.0/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6/8/10mm
Sds 6mm masonry drill bit
Nail puller pincer Side Cutters, Snips, Pliers, Molegrips
Needle nose pliers
Straight tin snips
Straight aviation snips
Curved needle nose pliers
Slip joint pliers
Mole grips
Small straight tin snips
Combination pliers
Needle nose molegrips
Long nose molegrips
Circlip pliers set
Flat head stubby screwdriver Screwdrivers
PZ1 pozi stubby screwdriver
Extra long screwdrivers
PH1 Philips stubby screwdriver
PH2 Philips stubby screwdriver
PH3 Philips screwdriver
PZ2 pozi stubby screwdriver
Electricians screwdrivers
Ratchetting screwdriver
1/4" hex driver bit set Hex bits, Drivers, Keys and Torx Red Tool Chest, 2 Middle Section
Torx L wrench hex/key set (short) T10 - T50
Allen key/ hex wrench metric set (short) 1.5-10mm
Allen key/ hex wrench imperial set (short) 1/16" - 3/8"
Security torx L wrench hex/key set (long) T10 - T50
Allen key/ hex wrench metric set (long) 1.5-10mm
1/4" hex driver nut driver set (long)
1/4" hex driver screwdriver handle
1/4" hex angled bevel drive
Grub screws/setscrew set m3-m8
1/4" hex drive extension
1/4" hex flexdrive
1.5mm hex screwdriver
2.0mm hex screwdriver
Cork sanding block Sandpaper, Sanding Blocks
Curved sanding block
Coarse 80/120/150/180/400/600grit sandpaper/aluminium oxide
Sanding sponge
Scouring pad 40/80/120grit
Small 100mm quick clamps Small Clamps
Small 150/300mm F clamps
Toolmakers clamps
Picture frame or band clamp
Small wad punch set 5/6/7/8/9/10mm Knives and Scissors
Craft knife
Stanley knife or box knife and spare blades
Diamond sharpener
Scalpel blades
Curved scissors
Marking knife
600mm ruler 0 Top of Bottom Section Red Tool Chest, 3 Bottom Section
Diamond needle file set Files
Needle files
Hand files
File cards
Riffler (curved) / Die Sinking files
Adjustable spanner (0-27mm) Spanners & Sockets
Adjustable spanner (0-30mm)
Combination spanner set 8-32mm
Ratchetting articulated ring spanners 8/10/12/13/14/15/17/19/21mm
Ratchetting ring spanners 6/8/10/11/12/13/14/17/19/21mm
3/8" driver breaker bar
1/2" square drive ratchet
1/4" square drive ratchet
Torque wrench 0-160ftlb 0-220Nm
Open ended spanners 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17mm
Cranked ring spanners 10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17mm
Magic' crescent wrench 9-24 & 24-45mm
Imperial box wrench set 4/2BA, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 5/8, 9/16WW, 1/4, 5/16, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 7/16 AF
Gas bottle spanner (~6mm)
Manhole cover hooks
17mm socket on long T-handle, maybe be a water stopcock spanner?
Adjustable peg spanner, like circlip pliers
Hack saw and spare blades, 18/24/32TPI Hacksaw, Jigsaw, Fretsaw
Junior hacksaw
Jigsaw blades
Coping saw
Rubber mallet 13 Hammers & Mallets
Wooden mallet
Claw hammer 20oz
Lump hammer
Copper/hide mallet A/#1/#2
Nylon/PU hammer 32mm
Ball pein hammer 3.5/4/24oz
Ball pein hammer
Wire brush steel/brass small/large
Double-pinion hand drill
Number and letter punch set
Deadblow hammer 1.5lb
Bolster chisel for brick masonry
Surforms Woodsaws & Surforms
450mm cross cut saw
Rip saw
Tenon saw
Cross cut saw
Hand router (manual, not electric)
Mitre saw jig
Small flush cut Japanese pull saw
Pillar drill Cupboard Bench Righthand Side of Workshop, Under Windows
Cnc mill
Compound mitre saw
Adjustable height platform for planer/tablesaw/router On floor, in front of smallest room door
Dewalt battery chargers On trunking Between Power Sockets
Sash clamps Between Shelves Shelving C & D, Right of Workshop Entrance Ramp
1m rule
1.2m spirit level
Cable ties, 100-370mm Shelf 1, Cable Ties RUB Shelving C, Right of Workshop Entrance Ramp
Solvent cement Shelf 1, Glue and Epoxy Resin RUB
Superglue / cyanoacrylate
Rapid epoxy
Rubber glue / cement
Pritt stick / gluestick
Contact adhesive / leather glue
Epoxy putty
Transparent epoxy
Multipurpose adhesive /glue
Hard plastic adhesive /glue
Copper piper cutter Shelf 1, Plumbing Tools, Pipe Cutter, Bender, Flaring Tool RUB
Plastic pipe cutter
Pipe bender
PTFE tape
Pipe flaring tool
Rope Shelf 1, String, Rope, Bungee cord RUB
Bungee cords
Silicone tube, ~10mm
Wood dowels, 6/8/10mm Shelf 1, Wood Dowels and Dowel Kit RUB
Drill bits and drill jig for dowels
Nibbler Shelf 2
Belt Sander
Cordless Jigsaw
Hot air gun / heat gun
Bike tools
Tap and die set m3-m12
Tap and die set m3-m12, with drills
Metric socket set and extenders, 1/4"/1/2"/3/8" square drive
Imperial and metric small socket set
Large imperial socket set
Big Hex Key Set: Large/long allen keys, 3/4/5/6/7/8/10/12/14/17mm
Random Orbital Sander
Screw gun Shelf 3
Cordless hammer drill
Oscillating saw
Socket set 4-32mm sockets, 6-19mm deep sockets, 1/4"/1/2"square drive
DeWalt Drill & Impact driver kit Shelf 3, DeWalt Drill & Impact driver kit
Impact rated 1/4" hex bit set drivers
1.5-7mm twist drills, 4-10mm masonry, 3-10mm brad point, 10-25mm spade drills Shelf 3, Drill Kit
32-54mm holesaws for wood/plastic
4-13mm nut drivers
Hot air gun / heat gun Shelf 4
Jubilee/hose clips Shelf 4, Assorted Consumables RUB
Split pins
Non-slip rubber pads/feet
Felt pad set
O-ring set
Fibre washers
Hook and loop / Velcro strips
Circlips internal/external set
Roll pins set
Springs set
Screw hooks and eyes
Biscuit jointer Shelf 4, Biscuit Jointer RUB
Quick clamps 150-300mm Shelf 4, Clamps Box 2
Angle grinder Shelf 4, Disk Cutter RUB
Cutting disks metal/stone
Flap disks
Manual stapler Shelf 4, Staple/ Nail Gun, Staples and Nails RUB
Electric stapler and nailer/ nail gun
Electric stapler
Staples 6/8/10/12/14mm
Nails for nail gun 14/15mm
Hard hat / bump hat Shelf 5, Bump Hats, Hi-Viz & Kneepads RUB
Knee pads
High vis
Rawl plugs Shelf 5, Large Fasteners Black Euro Box
Large screws
Plasterboard fixing clinch tool / gun
Lab coats Hanging on Righthand Side of Shelves Shelving D, Right of Workshop Entrance Ramp
Work mate On Floor in Front of Shelves
Saw horse On Floor to Left of Shelves
Long SDS drills 12/16/24mm x 1m On Floor to Right of Shelves
Large hole saw (masonry) 94mm OD x 160mm deep
Paint stirrer (for drill)
Track/bike pump
Corded jigsaw Shelf 1
Small compressor
LED work light/lamp
Draft excluder
Garden sprayer
Reel of rope, 3mm paracord
Pan scourers Shelf 1, Pan Scourers RUB
Wet & dry 240/320/400/600grit Shelf 1, Power Tool Abrasive Pads & Sandpaper Roll RUB
Sandpaper 40/80/120/180grit
Sandpaper 120/180/320grit
Sandpaper roll 40/60/80/180/240 grit
Sanding pads for orbital sander 40/80/120/180/240grit
Scotchbright Shelf 1, Scotchbright type abrasive RUB
Wood glue Shelf 2
Gorilla glue
Non stick PTFE baking tray liners/sheets
Masking tape 25/50mm white/blue painters tape Shelf 2, Masking Tape RUB
Electrical tape Shelf 2, Tape(Not Masking)RUB
Edging tape
Cellotape / clear tape 25mm/50mm
Brown parcel tape 50mm
Double sided tape 25/50mm
Velcro tape
Duct /gaffa tape (probably duct tape)
Hazard tape
Ziploc /sandwich bags Shelf 2, Black Tray
Garden shears
Garden "twine" (plastic/wire?)
Glue sticks Shelf 2, Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks RUB
Glue gun Shelf 2, Hot Glue Gun RUB
Non stick PTFE baking tray liners/sheets
First aid kit Shelf 3
Ear defenders Shelf 3, Ear Defenders RUB
Safety specs / goggles Shelf 3, Eye Protection RUB
Face shield Shelf 3, Face Shield 1 RUB
Hard hat with built in ear defenders and face shield Shelf 3, Face Shield 2 RUB
Rigger/gardening/rubber/cut resistant gloves Shelf 3, Gloves 1 & 2 RUB
Eye wash station Shelf 3, Mounted on Side, Lefthand End
Wood carving clamp stand Shelf 4
Quick clamps (6"), G-clamps 4/6/8" Shelf 4, Clamps Box 1 Black Euro Box
F clamps 350mm Shelf 4, Clamps Box 1 Black Euro Box
Extension leads (2/4way) Shelf 4, Extension Leads RUB
Extension lead (reel) Shelf 5
Fret saw (electric)
Plastic wedges/chocks Shelf 5, Orange Carrier Bag
Apron & work jacket / labcoat Hanging on side Shelving E, Far Right Corner of Workshop
Threaded rod/studding m6/m8/m20? Shelf 1
Small off-hand bench grinder Shelf 3
Dremel stand/pillar drill
Track saw
Welding helmet Shelf 4
Small engineers vice
Pegboard hooks Shelf 5
Stick welder
Welding helmet
Stick welding electrodes
Magnetic corner clamp Stuck to Side of Shelves
3-in-1 oil Shelf Oil and Grease Store Cupboard Near Fire Exit
Machine oil
Copperslip / copper ease grease
General purpose / multipurpose grease
Cutting and tapping fluid
Danish oil
White gloss emulsion
Silicone grease
Way /slideway oil
Blue roll Cupboard SRC1 and SRC2 Smallest Room / Dirty room
Cloth rags
Step ladder (Mikes) On Floor
Brooms small/large
Mop and mop bucket
Track saw tracks Shelf Under Worktop Woodworking Bench
Saw angle gauge
Large set squares 500/600/700 (low accuracy)
Large Japanese flush cut pull saw
Bradawl Top Drawer
Holdfast/bench clamp
Anvil for woodworking bench
Marking gauge
Bench dogs
Carpenters pincers/nail puller ball & claw
Small set squares 150/250/400mm (low accuracy)
Speedsquare 6"
Adjustable bevel / angle gauge
Trammel bars (for making a giant compass)
Dust bag for evolution rage mitre saw
Oil stone /whetstone Second Drawer
Plane and chisel sharpening jig
Leather hone
Diamond stone sharpening set #1/2/3
Block plane Bottom Drawer
Jack plane
Spade bit set 12/16/18/20/22/25/28/32
Self - countersinking drill bit set 3/3.5/4/4.5/5/5.5/6mm
Anvil for woodworking bench
Spokeshave flat/curved
Cork soft jaws for workbench vice
Chisel set Main Cupboard
Router bit set
Long no.6 fore plane
1-6mm 0.1mm drill bit set
6-10mm 0.1mm drill bit set
Morse taper drill bit 14.5/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23mm
Sheet metal shear/brake/roller To Right of Lathe Workshop
Height gauge Windowsill Above Pillar Drill