ZX25M mill

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This tool cannot be operated without completing a training course.


The mill is still being commissioned.

The manual is for the ZX25M and the ZX30M. Instruction Manual

Our Mill is the slightly smaller capacity ZX25M.

Commissioning notes:

  • Excessive safety interventions removed.
  • Work light removed as it wasn't positionable, even with all our LED lights it will still need refitting as the machine itself cast shadows and you can never have enough light at the tool to see what is going on.
  • Its all seems to work fine. I haven't changed belts, or tried cutting anything yet but all the chucks, draw-bars, special tools etc. are all there and it sounds ok.
  • The accessories could do with a shelf or a shadow board to store them on.
  • I haven't leveled it or trammed the head. Probably not worth doing but maybe worth checking how far out it is once we're more sure on the location.
  • We could do with a handy look up of spindle speed for different cutter/drill sizes.
  • The hand wheels need pushing fully onto the leadscrews, and the setscrews tightening and loctiting. The main cross slide leadscrew is bent on the left hand end and probably needs replacing.
  • All slide-ways and oiling points oiled with ISO68 Slideway lubricant.

Tranied Users

Milling cutters:

6mm Shank
Larger Shank

Technical Specs

Quill Morse Taper


Tool Holder, spanners, drift, slitting saw, G-clamp, small tool holder
Mill Accessories
Tool Holder
Small Tool Holder
Two Face Mills, one with Replaceable Tips, one with brazed tips
Bunch of Cutters
keyless drill chuck
Clamp Set
Milling Vice