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This tool cannot be operated without completing a training course.
Do not wear loose clothing while operating this machine Switch off and remove plug from socket when not in use Eye protection must be worn Wear safety footwear Rotating machinery Beware of moving parts Sharp elements
WARNING: Risk of serious cut injuries, entanglement with rotating parts!

Equipment Image

Axminster ZX25 Milling Machine


The mill is still being commissioned.

The Mill is an Axminster ZX25M Mill

This manual is for the ZX30M. ZX30m Instruction Manual

This manual is for the ZX25M and the ZX30M. ZX25M/ZX30m Instruction Manual

Our Mill is the slightly smaller capacity ZX25M.

Commissioning notes:

  • Excessive safety interventions removed.
  • Work light removed as it wasn't positionable, Additional, positionable LED light provided.
  • Its all seems to work fine.
  • Most of the accessories are now stored in the Bisley drawers to the left of the mill and between the mill and the lathe.
  • Whole mill has been cleaned. Gibs on slides have been adjusted to remove play.
  • The hand wheels serviced. The main cross slide leadscrew as thought to be bent on the left hand end. Removing the hand wheel and reseating fixed the binding and the cross slide / bed now moves smoothly.
  • All slide-ways and oiling points oiled with ISO68 Slideway lubricant.


To request an induction on the Mill please post in the # equipment-inductions channel on our Slack

Training slides (pre-reading) are here: File:Manual_Mill_Training_v1.pptx.pdf ‎

Trained Users

  • Mike R (grandfathered through external training)
  • Mark M (grandfathered through external training)

Milling cutters:

6mm Shank
Larger Shank

Technical Specs

Quill Morse Taper
3/8"-16 Whit (may be 3/8"-16 UNC ?)



Clarke 7610323 End Mill Chuck Set

Clarke 7610323 End Mill Chuck Set
Clarke 7610323 End Mill Chuck Set Box
The chuck set including Chuck, Spanner, C-Spanner and Collets (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16mm Dia)
View on top face of proprietary collet
View on side of proprietary collet
View on bottom face of proprietary collet

Posilock Chuck System

Posilock Chuck System
Posilock J7616-MS3 Mill Chuck and metric collet set box
The Posilock Chuck with the 4 metric collets
Metric collets (6, 10, 12, 16mm Dia

Removing a chuck from the mill

To remove the Posilok chuck:

  • Turn off and disconnect the power
  • remove any tool from the chuck
  • release the tension on the draw-bar and unscrew it a few turns.
  • strike the nut on the draw bar firmly to break the taper joint.
  • while supporting the chuck unscrew the draw-bar so that the chuck is released and remove it from the mill.

Installing the chuck in the mill

Before installing the chuck remove any other tool, cutter or chuck first (see relevant section based on the type of chuck or tool installed). Turn off and disconnect the power.

The Posilock Chuck has an M12 thread in the rear. It needs the M12 Drawbar installing in the top of the Mill Quill

  • Check that the Morse taper on the chuck is clean and free of swarf and contamination.
  • With the Drawbar in place in the quill fit the chuck in to the Morse taper. Then screw the Drawbar in to the rear of the chuck and pull it up tight with a spanner DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Changing or fitting a cutter to the chuck

The Posilock system is used with milling cutters which are threaded on the end of the tool shank. The cutters come in standard shank diameters with a matching collet for each shank diameter. To mount a tool in the collect

  • Select the right collet for the tool shank diameter.
  • Insert the threaded end in to the front of the collet until the thread ion the shank engages with the thread in the collet.
  • Screw the tool in to the collet until the thread is flush with the end of the collet.
  • Unscrew the locking collar from the chuck
  • Insert the assembled tool and collet in to the chuck. Ensure that the step engages with the pin in the base of the chuck. The collet should not be positioned on top of the pin.
  • With the collet in the chuck fit the locking collar screwing it on to the front of the chuck and tighten until the collar stops on the shoulder.

Additional Accessories

Tool Holder, spanners, drift, slitting saw, G-clamp, small tool holder

Mill Accessories
Tool Holder
Small Tool Holder
Two Face Mills, one with Replaceable Tips, one with brazed tips
Bunch of Cutters
keyless drill chuck
Clamp Set
Milling Vice
Drawbars 10mm, 12mm, 3/8"-16 Whit (may be 3/8"-16 UNC ?)


Drive Belts

Axminster ZX25M Replacement Drive Belts
Location Original Spec / Description Alternative Designation No Reqd V Profile Width Depth Outside Measured Length Spec Belt Length
Motor-Idler B813 B29.5 / B32 1 17/B 17mm 11mm 820mm 813mm
Motor-Idler A767 A29 / A29.25 / A29.5 1 13/A 13mm 8mm 820mm 797mm
Idler-Spindle A900Li A35.5 1 13/A 13mm 8mm 960mm Max 930mm